1. Goon Niklas Hoiem Swedish Freeski Edit

    Goon Niklas Hoiem Swedish Freeski Edit If you've followed our posts in the past, there's no doubt you've watched numerous mind blowing edits from Swedish Freeskier Niklas Höiem. The crew has done it again in his latest: "Goon" Niklas Höiem takes you through his season in style. There is a lot of great skiers in northern Europe, almost to many to keep track. Niklas Höiem is one of those talented Swedes that while he may not yet be in the mainstream eye, he's quickly establishing himself in new ways and gaining incredible momentum. Watching the skills displayed in Goon, it's easy to believe he'll quickly sift to the top with this upcoming winter.

    Goon x Niklas Höiem from Björn Eklund on Vimeo

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  2. Christian Forssten My Naga Wakeboard Edit

    Christian Forssten My Naga Wakeboard Edit Christian Forssten has been one of those riders on the ELEVATED Wake Team who, while hailing from Sweden, has never let himself or his exposure be confined to the borders of Scandinavia. Christian constantly puts in work to bring his riding out to the world and travels as often as he can to ride in exotic places. With that in mind, it's no wonder he's consistently dropping sick edits for our viewing pleasure. This time it's "My Naga" from his trip to CWC Wake Park in 2016. Don't speak Swedish? That's okay, we're pretty sure you'll understand the title from watching the video, seeing Christian ball out on his board, and paring that with the lyrics of the soundtrack. Like the shirts that Christian is wearing? Check them out below the video and pick one up. Christian certainly is... "My Naga" for this one. -Machi Block ELEVATED

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  3. Swedish Wakeboarding Lucas Only Event

    Swedish Wakeboarding Lucas Only Event This sweet little edit just dropped of the Lucas Only wakeboarding event held in Västerås Cable Park in Sweden. ELEVATED Clothing team rider Christian Forssten can be seen throwing some massive hammers off the kicker from up above. You've gotta love those drone shots. The event looks like it went off pretty well overall, with a large number of spectators turnout out to cheer on the riders and soak in the Swedish Summer Sun. lucas only swedish wakeboarding event vasteras cable park Here's a rider list and a little blurb of information from the Vimeo page of Nils Heuman: Video from a cable Wakeboard competition held in Västerås Cable Park. Really nice event and some great riding from kid

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  4. Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem - Short and Kort

    Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem - Short and Kort Elevated rockstar athlete Niklas Höiem from Sweden just dropped this sick new edit "Short and Kort" with his buddy Bjorn Eklund. Niklas has been killing it lately, and you probably remember seeing a ton of new content that we've been posting of his. Here Watch him get steezy in Åre, Sweden.

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  5. Wake Culture: Breddas New Fall Project

    Wake Culture: Breddas New Fall Project Breddas Just release their new fall project and it is insane!! This new video perfectly showcases their talent for humor, quality video production, and incredible skill on the water. Not everyone can say they have a wake park in their backyard, but these three brothers from Sweden have proudly built a world class jib spot on their property through years of hard work and strategic partnerships. Each year their talent grows individually and collectively, bringing them more and more notoriety, and each year the Breddas Wake Park gets bigger and better. Check out Wakeboarding at it's finest.

    Breddas fall project from Breddas on Vimeo.

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  6. Wake Culture: Breddas Battle of the Backyard recap

    Everybody is so Stoked! That's the opening line of the 2014 Breddas Battle of the BackYard BOTBY edit. This year's event looks like it was the best yet, with athletes and fans showing up from around the world to ride, watch, and just have an all around amazing time. For those of you who don't know, Breddas are some of the sickest wakeboarders out there, comprised of 3 brothers from Sweden who have built their very own wake park in their back yard. Each year in the fall, they throw Battle of the Back Yard and host Scandinavia's biggest wakeboard competition. If you ask us, this is a wake event done right. Breddas have successfully been bringing the action sports and youth lifestyle culture together under one roof for quite some time now. Motocross, skateboarding, daredevils, hip hop, and some of the best wakeboarding on the planet. No wonder they get so many people to show up and have a good time. If you want a better insight into what I'm saying... just watch the video and let

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  7. Wake Culture: Breddas

    Breddas are back at it with their easy going Spring Feelings edit. Smooth lines, Swedish summer sunshine, and 3 brothers easing back into the good life. We always love to see what Breddas are up too. Description: A little spring edit showing our first self made 100 % plastic obstacle. Filming and editing: Filip Snabb* Riders: Ruben Snabb Mattias Hoppe Jeremia Hoppe Benjamin Hoppe Thank you: Obrién, Rixen, GoPro, Ridestore, Jaybird, Jetpilot, Blåkläder, Dope, Brandt

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  8. Elevated: Snow Culture- Niklas Höiem Edit

    Niklas Höiem has done it again with another sick freeskiing edit. Check out how his season wrapped up and watch the video below. Niklas is a Swedish freeskier for the Elevated team. He rides at Åre, Fågelcrib, and all around the north of Sweden. He just joined our brand this year and we've been incredibly pumped to have him with us. He's been non-stop with his style and exposure, and if this season turned out this good, we can't wait to see what next year holds. Check out his video and share it around. Niklas can be seen skiing in the ELEVATED Assemblance Tall Tee, the Pendulum, and the Amp Tall Tee. niklas höeim freeskiing

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  9. Wake Culture: ELEVATED wakeskater Erik Nilsson takes to Turkey

    After a brief recovery period from his hurt ankle, ELEVATED Wakeskater Erik Nilsson took to the waterways of Hip-Notics in Turkey with his good friend Lars Holte. Check out this sick edit they put together from their trip. QUALITY! [caption id="attachment_5567" align="alignnone" width="250"]Elevated Shreddie yetti Shreddie Approved[/caption]

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  10. Wakeboarding- Breddas Announce BATTLE OF THE BACKYARD Date

    Breddas have officially announced that Saturday, August 2nd will be the date for the infamous Battle of the Backyard in Sweden this summer at Breddas Wakepark. If you haven't heard of this event, or Breddas, you better get in the know! Breddas are 3 brothers from Sweden who do everything together and who are quickly becoming the face of wakeboarding for Sweden, throwing the countries biggest wake event in their very own backyard. battle of the backyard breddas sweden That's right, together, over years of blood, sweat, tears, and lots of laughter, the Hoppe brothers built what many of us would consider to be the coolest thing ever in their own backyard. Breddas
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