1. Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Here at Elevated we've been lucky to work with some pretty amazing people throughout the last few years, all of which have played a large role in helping us brand, helping us spread the word, helping us get further engrained in the action sports and or streetwear lifestyles we love, and all of which have helped define us as a company in some way shape or form. These are our fans, our friends, new acquaintances, and amazing professionals that we get to link up with. Taylor Nicole is no exception to this rule. Here is a girl who lives the Elevated lifestyle, not only in here activities, passions, and pursuits, but also in the way she speaks, writes, and inspires. We were super impressed when we first got in contact with Taylor, and the same holds true today after seeing the quality and effort she put into making us look great! Check out these great
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  2. Svetlana Bilyalova Rocks ELEVATED

    Svetlana Bilyalova Rocks ELEVATED Svetlana Bilyalova, otherwise known as @svetabily on instagram, has a staggering 3.1M followers and is perhaps one of the the most gorgeous girls on the web. At the very least, she's done an amazing job building her brand and image, while keeping things classy and lighthearted. We're stoked to announce that we've been able to collaborate with here while she's visiting here in Los Angeles, getting a vacation from that Russian Life. Earlier this week, after a few emails back and forth with her amazing manager back in Russia, we were able to link up with her team here in Beverly Hills and get her a care package of the softest, most comfortable shirts she's every worn (Elevated) and some of the finest champagne on the market (LeMedaillon). What resulted was one of our favorite pictures ever. Don't get me wrong, we've got lots of favorite pictures, our athletes and brand reps do an amazing job consistently, but there's no mystery in why this one would

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  3. Malin Overby Wakeboarding A Love Story

    Malin Overby Wakeboarding A Love Story Elevated Athlete Malin Overby is not only an amazing wakeboarder, but she's an avid world traveler as well, which conveniently goes hand in hand. Growing up in Sweden, she now spends her time shredding in Australia as home base, and traveling everywhere else she can possibly go to ride in the mean time. With over 11,900 fans on her Facebook Athlete Page: @Malin Overby, she's definitely attracting some attention and eyeballs, and it's not hard to see why. Malin just released her latest edit from traveling around to various cable parks in Asia. Titled: "Wakeboarding A Love Story" you'll get to see just what makes Malin such a well-rounded athlete and why she's now part of the ELEVATED Family thanks to ELEVATED Australia.

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  4. elevated girls

    One thing we love about our job of is getting to connect with a lot of rad people all over the world. We work with athletes, events, movers, shakers, etc... We have a huge fan base that's growing every day, and its a constant pursuit for us to reach out to new up and coming influencers to help grow our brand. One aspect of those rad people, are beautiful girls that rock ELEVATED and send us in shots. Here's a gallery of some of the recent images that you all can enjoy. lauren jure, elevated clothing girl, wakeboard babe lauren jure, elevated

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  5. Girls: Mahila Mendez - Elevated Clothing Model

    When it comes to summer clothing, we've got you covered. Nothing lays it out quite like a beautiful girl smiling for the camera in fresh threads. Check out Elevated Clothing's new babe Mahila Mendez. She's rocking some of our newest summer 2014 designs and doing it in incredible style. You can see more of Mahila at her instagram page @mahilamendez ELEVATED- Shred Culture. Bringing you the freshest product for wakeboarding, surfing, and snow culture clothing. Storms- Shop Here [caption id="attachment_6090" align="alignnone" width="960"]mahila mendez snyder blonde model sexy actionsports clothing surf wakeboard snowboard clothing Elevated

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  6. Wake Culture- Babe Hotlight- Graci Morgan

    Wake Culture: We'd love to introduce you to Graci Morgan, a babe amongst babes in the Texas wake scene. She rides out of Dallas, TX and frequents the cable at Hydrous Wake Parks, Cowtown Wake Park, and also rides boat on Lake Lewisville. She's been a part of ELEVATED for about a year and has never stopped surprising us with her ability to shred, learn new tricks, and push her style in the process. She just sent in these photo shoot pics, compliments of Matt King with FloodLab, and we wanted to share them with our fans. She can be seen rocking the ELEVATED Storms tank (white), Truth Love Freedom burnout deep v (white), as well as the Vision

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