Svetlana Bilyalova Rocks ELEVATED Svetlana Bilyalova, otherwise known as @svetabily on instagram, has a staggering 3.1M followers and is perhaps one of the the most gorgeous girls on the web. At the very least, she's done an amazing job building her brand and image, while keeping things classy and lighthearted. We're stoked to announce that we've been able to collaborate with here while she's visiting here in Los Angeles, getting a vacation from that Russian Life. Earlier this week, after a few emails back and forth with her amazing manager back in Russia, we were able to link up with her team here in Beverly Hills and get her a care package of the softest, most comfortable shirts she's every worn (Elevated) and some of the finest champagne on the market (LeMedaillon). What resulted was one of our favorite pictures ever. Don't get me wrong, we've got lots of favorite pictures, our athletes and brand reps do an amazing job consistently, but there's no mystery in why this one would join the ranks :) If you haven't yet, go follow Svetlana on Instagram at @svetabily and make sure to follow Elevated Clothing as well for more great pics. To buy the product that Svetlana wore, click below!