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  1. Art On The Road

    Art On The Road

    Art on the Road is a journey started with a camera, a vision, and a oneway ticket. A project designed and created to provide a space in which to discover, promote and expose the passions and creativity of talented artists from all around the world. Based nowhere and everywhere, our community grows as we travel, find and share talent and passion along the road. A journey around the world, crossing different cultures, telling the stories of people that chose to live their life expressing their creativity, their passion, their dreams.

    TRAILER COLLECTION from ART on the ROAD on Vimeo.

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  2. A how-to guide on looking stylish for short men

    A How-To Guide On Looking Stylish For Short Men

    Looking good is important and knowing what suits you and understanding what suits you and your body shape is important. If you’re a smaller man than it can often be tough to know where to go – these tips will help you look good. Choose the Right Shoes The right shoes can make or break your outfit. In general, your best bet is to choose shoes that have square toes rather than pointy toes. If your shoes are too pointy, they can stick out too far from the bottom of your pants, making your outfit look strange. Square toed shoes, on the other hand, will be mostly concealed by your pants, giving you a much more professional look. There some good style tips for short men on this blog. Add Extra Height With a Heel When shopping for shoes, look for a pair that has a relatively substantial heel. Dress boots can also be a good option s
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  3. Collegiate Skate Tour

    ELEVATED clothing partnered up with the Collegiate Skate Tour (CST) about a year and a half ago. This is our second year promoting with them, and we're super stoked on all of the progress Keegan and the crew have made, bringing together some amazing collegiate skate teams across the country to compete and hang out together at awesome events. The Tour is currently in Florida, and heading to Cocoa Beach this coming Friday. Check out the flyer, below, and swing on over to say hi if you're in the area. If you aren't its good just to know what's going on in the industry and see the growth of Collegiate Skateboarding and Collegiate Action Sports as a whole. We're a proud sponsor and a proud supporter, and will look forward to many more years to come of building with these guys. Enjoy! Live Life to the Fullest.

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  4. Picture to People- Groovy graphics design apps

    Picture to People- Groovy graphics design apps photo editing app. Photoshop for iphone photo editing app. Photoshop for iphone Everybody encounters a time when they want text with a cool look, or need a photo that looks more awesome than just a regular one. What about if you could use free top graphic design apps with thousands of choices? By using Picture to People (P2P) you can. This project offers

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  5. Snow Culture: Elevation Ski and Snowboard Club

    Snow Culture: Collegiate Snowboarding ELEVATED and Elevation Ski and Snowboarding What is it exactly, which drives an addict to the source of their drug when it is out of their reach? A craving already so strong, amplified sevenfold by the concept of scarcity, enough to drive one to extreme lengths- all to get that white powder fix and rush of unparalled adrenaline. While southern Arizona isn’t exactly renowned for serious pow or towering snowcapped peaks made for backcountry shredding, the sunny, dry, and heat struck state harbors one of the most passionate snow culture followings in the lower 48. There is something about living in desert and land of the sun that cultivates a deep and addictive craving for mountain peaks and powder days. Insert the University of Arizona’s Elevation Ski and Snowboard Club (ESS). Boasting one of the largest student member followings, with annual ski trips to resorts of the likes Telluride and Aspen, it is plain to see that Southern Arizona doesn’t ki

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  6. Snow Culture: Jake Moeller 15 Year Old Freeskier from Muskego WI

    We get a lot of athletes consistently hitting us up for sponsorships at ELEVATED. It's super important for us to support the industries we love from the ground up, and we want to always be a brand that encourages kids to get out live life to the fullest and pursue their passions. We love the dedication we see from all of these kids who are out there killing it and trying to get noticed. As a brand we've found a way to continuously support the athletes who reach out to us who are trying to get noticed, provide our company as a resource to them, hook them up with exclusive discounts, and build/grow with them as we develop relationships with each other. This is ELEVATED ON THE LIST, where we can pull from athletes who are working hard to establish themselves in the industry and start to provide them with recognition and resources. On such kid who really stood out to us in the past month is 15 year old Freeskier Jake Moeller from Muskego, Wisconsin. This kid shreds, and has been going

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  7. Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing

    Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing Niklas Höiem, Freeskier for ELEVATED, from Åre, Sweden, just came out with a new freeskiing edit called Oh My! Featuring: Niklas Höiem Björn Eklund Jacob Eklund Its a sick 2 minute video with great cinematography, chill music, and top-knotch riding. Check it out and share it around for these guys.

    Oh my! - Freeride

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  8. elevated girls

    One thing we love about our job of is getting to connect with a lot of rad people all over the world. We work with athletes, events, movers, shakers, etc... We have a huge fan base that's growing every day, and its a constant pursuit for us to reach out to new up and coming influencers to help grow our brand. One aspect of those rad people, are beautiful girls that rock ELEVATED and send us in shots. Here's a gallery of some of the recent images that you all can enjoy. lauren jure, elevated clothing girl, wakeboard babe lauren jure, elevated

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  9. Surf Culture - On the List - Jake Stiles2

    Surf Culture: ELEVATED Clothing On the List- Jake Stiles 2 We recently launched a new sponsorship platform at ELEVATED Clothing where we pool up-and-coming athletes together who are seeking sponsorships. We call it ELEVATED On The List and it allows our athletes to grow with us and for us to grow with our athletes. We help show them the ropes of what a sponsorship looks like and build with them as they progress. It's a great way for us to get to know them and delve deeper into relationships, preparing up-and-comers for legitimate sponsorships and it's a great way for them to get into some new ELEVATED gear and have access to company perks. Additionally, we can pull noteworthy media out of the group and start bringing exposure to some of these new athletes. One of the first posts that we want to draw attention too is from a young surfer who spends his time split between New York and Puerto Rico. The kid rips! We've got 3 edits from him so far... and this is part 2. CHECK

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