We get a lot of athletes consistently hitting us up for sponsorships at ELEVATED. It's super important for us to support the industries we love from the ground up, and we want to always be a brand that encourages kids to get out live life to the fullest and pursue their passions. We love the dedication we see from all of these kids who are out there killing it and trying to get noticed. As a brand we've found a way to continuously support the athletes who reach out to us who are trying to get noticed, provide our company as a resource to them, hook them up with exclusive discounts, and build/grow with them as we develop relationships with each other. This is ELEVATED ON THE LIST, where we can pull from athletes who are working hard to establish themselves in the industry and start to provide them with recognition and resources. On such kid who really stood out to us in the past month is 15 year old Freeskier Jake Moeller from Muskego, Wisconsin. This kid shreds, and has been going above and beyond to build himself as a "brand." Something many athletes don't realize. For him to take this route and put such dedication into it at only 15 years old lets us know that he's got a bright future ahead of himself. It's hard enough to find athletes who carry themselves with even an ounce of professionalism, (And we get it, you're just a kid with a dream, who wants to be all professional) But when you approach a company it's important to show some respect and effort in yourself, your pitch, and the way you handle your ability. From this side's perspective, it's a direct reflection of the value you place on the company you are reaching out too. Jake is a kid who took extra time and care in his sponsorship pitch. This let's us know that he will take the same care and professionalism when representing any brand he gets on with. So we thought we'd take a minute and share his story and let you all check out his riding! Keep reading below to get an idea of who Jake Moeller is. ------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uiz0sib6_XI 15-year-old Jake Moeller is ranked among the top 20 slopestyle skiers in the country in his agegroup. The sophomore at Muskego High School will compete in nationals at Copper Mountain in April. We asked Jake to tell us about how he started gaining the exposure he's gotten lately - JAKE: I started making edits and posting them to Youtube, and at some point, a local reporter saw it and sent me an email. He wanted to interview me for the local sports cast on non-traditional sports. I was happy to get my name out there however I could. This was followed up by another news station wanting to do a story on how I’ve gotten to the point I’ve gotten to, without a coach. (This story will be airing on our local ABC on Thursday.) I will send you a link once it airs. HERE'S THAT LINK: http://www.wisn.com/sports/local-teenage-skier-rising-above-the-rest/31514970 ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat are the social media outlets I use. I have 583 followers on Instagram, but I am selective with who I accept. If anyone posts negative comments, I choose not to have them follow me. I don’t care much for negativity or haters. We Asked Jake a little about his routine with posting media. We wanted to know how he gains his exposure, and what he does to promote himself after getting a video up online, etc... JAKE: To follow up on your questions, when I post my videos, it doesn't stop at the post, I continue to promote them by sending the links via email and text message to friends, family and school mates, I post links, video clips and pictures of the edit on Facebook. I post pictures and short video clips of the edits on Instagram and include the link to the edits in my Instagram bio and I promote them at school by telling people to check out my newest edit! I think what sets me apart from other skiers on my hill is my mentality of improving whether it's my style, tricks or even my knowledge of the sport. This is my first year competing in USASA but I have competed the past two years in local rail jams where I've taken first approximately six times and taken third about twice, then this year when I started competing in USASA, I strived to be the best I could possibly be. My most memorable competition was my first USASA comp where I took first, putting down one of my best runs. My next big event that I will be competing in is Nationals at Copper Mountain.