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  1. morning music video: Mahassa - Tyrese Trevor

    morning music video: Mahassa - Tyrese Trevor Connect with Tyrese Trevor: IG: @TyreseTrevor Twitter: @TyreseTrevor Music Video by Tyrese Trevor Performing Mahassa Money Well Spent Incorporated Productions

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  2. dog star

    Dog Star As Bob Dylan once instructed us, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” True that. So do you need an electronic gizmo to know which way a tail wags? Maybe. A new crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo promises to deliver the world’s first tail-wagging monitor that actually translates doggie emotions. Dogs Strut Their Stuff At Westminster 2015: Photos It’s called the DogStar TailTalk and it proceeds from the premise that, with a little technological intervention, we humans can read a dog’s specific emotions by the way it wags its tail. The device includes a lightweight sensor that wraps around your poochie’s tail and monitors movement with an internal accelerometer and gyroscope. That information is then beamed wirelessly to a phone app, which translates the movements into a kind of emotional readout. According to the Indiegogo page, certain types of tail movement are specific emotional indica

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  3. Solid Advice For Buying Chinos

    Solid Advice For Buying Chinos Chinos, which were designed after military attire, are a very popular wardrobe choice for people of both sexes. They are quite versatile and appropriate for leisure time, as well as jobs that allow a casual mode of dress. There are so many chinos available that it can be difficult to find a great pair. In order to simplify your search, you need to figure out which styles are available and which ones are more flattering to your body shape. Chino Styles for Different Body Types Chinos are offered in a wide range of colours, styles and cuts. Even so, each pair is not flattering to every body type. According to UK website Love the Sales when you are shopping for chinos, it is important to select some that complement your figure. People who are petite in stature should choose form-fitting chino trousers since this will make them appear taller than they actually are.
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  4. Wake Culture: Jibtopia Jibberish

    Wake Culture: Jibtopia Jibberish Jibtopia Wake Park just released the latest edit, shot by Clark Davis, from their Jibberish contest series and its got some serious fun in it. A wide variety of wakeboarders can be seen shredding it up on the fun homemade features of Jibtopia in North Carolina, including Elevated's very own Celia Krichman, who's family owns the renowned cable park.

    Jibberish 2014 from Clark Davis on Vimeo.

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