Solid Advice For Buying Chinos Chinos, which were designed after military attire, are a very popular wardrobe choice for people of both sexes. They are quite versatile and appropriate for leisure time, as well as jobs that allow a casual mode of dress. There are so many chinos available that it can be difficult to find a great pair. In order to simplify your search, you need to figure out which styles are available and which ones are more flattering to your body shape. Chino Styles for Different Body Types Chinos are offered in a wide range of colours, styles and cuts. Even so, each pair is not flattering to every body type. According to UK website Love the Sales when you are shopping for chinos, it is important to select some that complement your figure. People who are petite in stature should choose form-fitting chino trousers since this will make them appear taller than they actually are. On the flip side, people on the taller side should opt for boot-cut of straight-cut chinos with a relaxed fit. People who are plus-size should buy chinos that have wider legs since these can give the figure a bit of balance. If you are a person who is looking for an illusion of curves, flared chinos and those with pleats would be the best choice. Lastly, pear-shaped people should avoid options that are tight in the hip area and look for short or straight-cut chinos instead. Here is a good piece. Selecting the Right Colour Just as you were told about the various styles available, every colour is not complementary to all body types. Some of the most prevalent hues for chinos are beige, tan, blue, khaki, navy and black. As a rule, larger people should stay away from lighter colours since they tend to make the thighs and hips look bigger. Dark colours are a great option for most body types. When you are trying to find the right colour, consider all of the other items of clothing that will be worn with your chinos. It is a good idea to choose shirts that are a variation of the trouser colour. With that said, wearing a top and a bottom of the same tone is not a good choice for most people. Choose the Right Size The final step to choosing chinos would be finding the right size. It is best to find some that are not very tight, yet they should not be far too loose either. Chinos that are very tight will not be very flattering around the hips and rear. The length of the trouser legs should also be considered if you want to choose a pair that is perfect for your body type. Chinos are fantastic casual pants and can work well in a whole variety of different outfits and occasions. Understanding what to look for and then following the advice accordingly will ensure that you find a pair that truly suit you and will last the test of time too.