Monthly Archives: October 2015

  1. Backflip on Wakesurf

    Backflip on Wakesurf: There's not much more fun than a girl who can do a backflip with ease... except maybe a girl who can do a backflip with ease while standing on a dude's shoulders while they both wake surf... Yeah that's pretty much unbeatable. Check it out and share it around.

    surf du soleil level ups with David Swanson

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  2. borrowed light and broken string

    More Than Just A Sunset - borrowed light and broken string Explore a world of poetry, heartbreak, loss, love, and life. This is Borrowed-Light-And-Broken-String's first completed animation art project. It's very cool and inspiring. Give it a watch. From the Youtube Video Description: My First Completed Project! A Heart-breaking video. A powerful sad poem about loss of love and life with Awesome art to help tell the story better. Links to check out Website— Facebook — Instagram Twitter— Pinterest— Tumblr— http://borrowedlightandbrokenstring.t... Google+— Fan Club— Merchandise—

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