Elevated Black Friday Sale

elevated clothing black friday clearance sale As we celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend, we at Elevated Clothing have a LOT to be thankful for. I'm sure you do as well and from all of us here, we sincerely wish that you are blessed beyond belief. As we near a close to the 2017 year, and reflect on everything this year has brought, we are met with an appreciation for our fans who keep us encouraged, our loyal customers who keep us moving and progressing, our amazing athletes who make the brand known around the world through their hard work, and our tech team who not only keeps us running smoothly but who pushes company innovation as well. Along with that, we are grateful to have branches of Elevated operating in numerous foreign countries, including the newly launched ELEVATED POLAND! We've all worked hard on this brand, and we are gearing up for something completely new and different. Each day that passes brings us closer to the launch of the new EL3VATED Website and the release of all of our new product! We couldn't be more stoked to move forward, close a chapter on the brand, and open a new one that should bring much more growth, direction, innovation, and excitement. The new Elevated sites are incredible, and if all goes as planned this Thanksgiving weekend, we are set to launch them for Cyber Monday. Look out!! So as a cap to this season, we are offering a MASSIVE Site-wide Black Friday Elevated Clearance Sale. This will be your last chance to get your hands on the majority of the designs and products on the website. We will be discontinuing most of what is currently offered, and moving into all sorts of new product. So if you see something you like, pick it up Now! Thanks for your continued Loyalty and Support of ELEVATED. We are blessed because of you. Sincerely, Machi Block OWNER elevatedslider-copy2