Surf Culture: ELEVATED Clothing On the List- Jake Stiles 2 We recently launched a new sponsorship platform at ELEVATED Clothing where we pool up-and-coming athletes together who are seeking sponsorships. We call it ELEVATED On The List and it allows our athletes to grow with us and for us to grow with our athletes. We help show them the ropes of what a sponsorship looks like and build with them as they progress. It's a great way for us to get to know them and delve deeper into relationships, preparing up-and-comers for legitimate sponsorships and it's a great way for them to get into some new ELEVATED gear and have access to company perks. Additionally, we can pull noteworthy media out of the group and start bringing exposure to some of these new athletes. One of the first posts that we want to draw attention too is from a young surfer who spends his time split between New York and Puerto Rico. The kid rips! We've got 3 edits from him so far... and this is part 2. CHECK OUT PART 1 HERE Read below to see what surfer Jake Stiles is up too. About Jake- Jake Stiles is 23 years old, was born in Puerto Rico, and was brought to the states at an early age where he went to high school. Afterwards he then moved back to PR to be with his dad and life has never been the same. His brother, who he often rides with, is 27 years old and lives with Jake and his dad in PR. Jake started really getting in to surfing around the age of 15 when he moved back to Puerto Rico and he wound up getting pretty good at it. When asked, he says he can't picture his life without being near the water. Every summer he and his brother travel to Montauk, New York where they work hard all summer to make their winter money and just surf and do contests. "Our favorite spot in PR would have to be Domes Beach in Rincon, PR!" Jake's current sponsors are: sunbum sunscreen, froth surf wax, nectar sunglasses, creatures of leisure, wicked audio,and happy bowls acai shop! If You'd Like To Show Us What You're Made Of, Hit Us Up On Our Sponsorship Page.