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Want to be sponsored by Elevated? Hit us up. We’re always looking for killer athletes who can throw down, who love what they do, and who are dedicated to their industries. Whether you’re top notch, competing and winning, or just a kid who loves life and the pursuit of the rush, we’ve got a spot for you in our family. Get in touch and lets see what we can make happen. And please be professional in your pitch. If you take yourself seriously so will we.


Levels of Sponsorship: 
We reserve the top tiers of sponsorship for those who go above and beyond to develop a relationship with ELEVATED, and who can show us that they are dedicated to supporting the brand. All of our athletes are family to us, and we’re looking for those we can grow with for life. You all have a say in the direction of our company for designs and ideas, and we are proud to work closely with you.

We’re proud to be a brand that supports the up-and-coming athletes in the arts/action sports industry. We love to work with kids who are passionate about life and who want to get connected with a brand for sponsorship opportunities. If you’re out loving what you do, building yourself as a visible force in your industry, and influencing other athletes, you’ll fit right in with ELEVATED Clothing and we’d be stoked to hook you up and bring you into our network. We exist for you, and it’s you who helps us grow, helps define our direction, and who gives a face to our brand in the streets.
Send us an e-mail and we’ll get you the necessary information on how to get sponsored as an athlete, artist, musician, etc… and how to start growing with us.


Becoming A Brand Rep:
Additionally, if you’re interested in becoming a brand representative and helping to sell ELEVATED in your area, we have some great opportunities that allow you to get fully hooked up, as well as make some great money promoting and selling ELEVATED directly. We’ll get you a box of product that you can promote with and sell, and it’s your job to find events, venues, friends, families, athletes, etc… to sell the product too and bring new exposure to the brand.
Hit us up if you want more info and think you could be a good brand rep for ELEVATED.

Requested Info For Sponsorship:
Years of Sport:
Have you ever competed? If so please list the events and Results.
Social Media( instagram, Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube accounts and ect.
Videos Links and Photos:
What would you expect from Elevated:

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