Goon Niklas Hoiem Swedish Freeski Edit If you've followed our posts in the past, there's no doubt you've watched numerous mind blowing edits from Swedish Freeskier Niklas Höiem. The crew has done it again in his latest: "Goon" Niklas Höiem takes you through his season in style. There is a lot of great skiers in northern Europe, almost to many to keep track. Niklas Höiem is one of those talented Swedes that while he may not yet be in the mainstream eye, he's quickly establishing himself in new ways and gaining incredible momentum. Watching the skills displayed in Goon, it's easy to believe he'll quickly sift to the top with this upcoming winter.

Goon x Niklas Höiem from Björn Eklund on Vimeo.

Filmed and cut by Björn Eklund, the two take you to Åre and Bispingen for a season filled of style and great times. BY: ROY KITTLER, AUGUST 12, 2015 INDOOR PARK, NIKLAS HÖIEM, PARK