1. Collegiate Action Sports Clubs

    If you're reading this blog post, it's probably because you got linked to it in an e-mail we sent you so that you could find out more. And that's exactly what this page is for. We want to earn a friendship and relationship with your club for years to come and always be there to sponsor and support you guys as we all grow together. So hit us up, let's work together this year, and let ELEVATED make your club's apparel. It has been a goal of ELEVATED's for a while now to really immerse ourselves in the culture of Collegiate Action Sports. The idea first came when we moved our brand from Northwest Montana to Los Angeles in 2010, ironically, right after I (Machi Block) graduated from college myself. We were new to Southern California and we wanted to find a foothold for the brand so that we could continue to grow and reach new audiences. That foothold came first from Alliance Wake pointing us toward Arizona to get involved in the AWA Wake Scene, which we

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  2. Blacktail Mini Shred Edit

    As part of our "Getting Back to our Roots" Elevated teamed up with Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort in the Flathead Valley, Montana this winter for their rail jam. The footy just got released in this 5 min shredit below. Check it out, the park is pretty new to Blacktail, but there is some pretty unique style going out from Northwest Montana skiers and snowboarders.

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