1. Wake Culture: Austin Hair

    Wake Culture: Austin Hair Late last year, in 2013, ELEVATED picked up pro wakeboarder Austin Hair to join our team. We got fully introduced to him at Surf Expo in Orlando, where he showed our crew incredible hospitality and insane riding at his lake house on Clear Lake. Since that day it's been a lot of fun for us to watch him continuously push his own limits and delve further and further into company culture. That's why we're stoked to show you the following video of Austin throwing down hard in his ELEVATED Products, just released on Alliance Wake Mag. Check it and click the "Like" button. Austin Hair has been busy traveling the world this season but manage to put together a few boat sets in Orlando at Lake Jessamine, Clear Lake, and Lake Conway. Enjoy! Video

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  2. Snow Culture: Dry Sloping- Jason Anderson

    Snow Culture: Check out some seriously sick dry sloping. If you don't know, dry slope can be a super fun way to stay honed in on your shred skills during the warmer months. If you're looking to Jib all year round, Liberty Snowflex Mountain in Lynchburg, VA is probably one of the best places to do it in North America. Watch Jason Anderson shred gnar... I mean turf, in this awesome edit. He's got super clean and dialed in style that makes it look like he's riding real snow. jason anderson liberty snowflex For more on Liberty Snowflex, click here.

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  3. Wake Culture: Sawe Oualiti's Edit - Summer in Winter

    Watch this dope edit of Sawe Oualiti as he spent 4 weeks in the Philippines at the CWC Cable Park capturing all the footage he could. Here’s a look at a few of those clips.

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  4. Snow Culture: Hunter Lamoureaux 2013-14 Snowboarding Season Edit

    Snow Culture: ELEVATED was stoked to add 15 year old Hunter Lamoureaux to our snow team this year. Hailing from Northwest Montana, riding on our very own home mountain Whitefish Mountain Resort (Still Big Mountain to us), it's nice to have athletes like this keeping us tied to our roots. Check out Hunter's 2013-2014 Snowboard season edit. hunter lamreaux montana snowboarding Elevated Clothing, Snowboarding, Shred Culture, Live Life to the Fullest.

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  5. Blacktail Mini Shred Edit

    As part of our "Getting Back to our Roots" Elevated teamed up with Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort in the Flathead Valley, Montana this winter for their rail jam. The footy just got released in this 5 min shredit below. Check it out, the park is pretty new to Blacktail, but there is some pretty unique style going out from Northwest Montana skiers and snowboarders.

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  6. Snow Culture - Freestyle Playground: Kitzsteinhorn Snowboarding

    We're going Streaking... Through the park at Kitzsteinhorn next year!!! Seriously though, this place looks insane and the park looks dialed. What a place to go snowboarding for the season. Kitzsteinhorn's Freestyle Playground Stays Open Until May! The snowpark and superpipe season at Kitzsteinhorn continues until May 4, 2014. The set-ups of Central Park and Easy Park have been optimized for perfect springtime shredding. In addition, there’s several big events coming up, including Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam Tour and Red Bull Shr3d 2014.
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  7. Wakeboarding - Watch San Im Kill this park

    Check out this sick wakeboarding edit of Thai Wake Park rider San Im. He's super versatile on all spots in the park and absolutely kills it. He made almost all of these tricks on his first try for this video.

    San Im from Aki Nurminen on Vimeo.

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  8. Snow Culture- Van's Introspect: Arthur Longo Shreds

    Vans' Introspect web series wraps up with a look inside the day to day riding of French halfpipe master Arthur Longo. Arthur has a great perspective on riding as he is incredibly skilled at halfpipe but talks about his thoughts on being a well versed snowboarder on all aspects of the mountain. In this episode we get a look at Arthur Longo's training for the most anticipated halfpipe contests of his life. Watch as he talks about working through unexpected injuries and his thoughts on snowboarding in the Olympics.

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  9. Snowboarding - Urban Vacation: iouri podladtchikov

    In this edit Iori Podladtchikov kills it gently in the urban street setting. People expect to see him boost 20+ feet out of a halfpipe or do technical maneuvers. This is different. This is not about being the best or doing the hardest tricks. This is about the simple joy and playful feeling you get when you cruise down a street on a board. Riding provided by Iouri Podladtchikov. iouri podladtchikov urban vacation

    - URBAN VACATION - from HILLTON on Vimeo

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  10. The Best of Snowboarding 2013-14

    This may just be the sickest compilation of snowboarding ever. Recapping the best tricks, shenanigans, and ridiculous stunts from the 2013-14 season. Kickflips on a snowboard? Yeah we've got that. Yodeling and HUGE kink rails...? Yep. Headstands on a half pipe? Jah. What else? Just watch and see for yourself. This is snowboarding at its finest innovation of self expression. People are awesome, and so is snowboarding.

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