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  1. Dont Delay Find The Best Wedding Band Today

    Hiring a band is an ideal way to create excitement and atmosphere for the wedding of your dreams. A live performance literally sets the stage and fuels the theme of your night. You are basically hiring someone to put on a private concert, the kind of event that people keep their tickets for as mementos. This is a great way to provide, not just music for dancing, but entertainment for everyone in attendance. If you have decided to bypass a CD spinning DJ and hire a band, the next step you need to take is determining how to find the band that best suits your needs. Many different styles of bands are available. Pop and Rock the somebodys

    Are you ready

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  2. Morning Music Video - Kongos: Come With Me Now

    Morning Music Video: Everyone loves a little musical inspiration to start off the day and get their ear drums pumping. Put that beat in your step today and stand tall. We'll keep it fresh for you, pulling from a variety of musical styles across the globe. For the most part we'll keep it relatively underground so you can get exposed to new artists. Let us know what you think of the music in the comments below. Got a suggestion? Respond with a link. Music Video Artist: Kongos Song: Come With Me Now If you want to really get into this song, crank it loud, close your eyes, and just day dream for a minute with it. Kongos are a relatively new sound for America. Hailing from South Africa, I first heard them on the LA radio around a month ago. Something tells me they're gonna blow up if they keep on with this sound. Rock!! Music Video Artist: Kongos Song: I'm Only Joking

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