1. Inspiration: Prince Ea- Why I Think This World Should End

    Inspiration: Prince Ea- Why I Think This World Should End A very positive message for all of us to consider, ponder, implement, and share around. Life is full of many things. There are so many distractions for us to give our time too. Some good, some bad. But once in a while something comes along that breaks us from our routine; pulls us from the things we are accustomed too, and causes us to think about Who We Are. And maybe more importantly... causes us to think about the Way We Are. This video does that for me. It puts into words the thoughts I often have swimming somewhere at the back of my head while I give myself over and over again to the daily grind and my current routine. Have I loved enough? Have I given enough? Do I spend enough time "Thinking" rather than just doing? I don't know. But I'm glad someone said this stuff and I think we should all be hearing more of it. What do you think?

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  2. Inspiration: Prank it Forward - This Waitress Becomes The Victim Of A Life Changing Prank

    Watch This Waitress Become The Victim Of A Life Changing Prank Meet Chelsea Roff. An average waitress who raised her sister alone from a very young age, suffered from an eating disorder (weighing only 58 pounds at one point of time) and runs a non profit yoga clinic to help people suffering from similar eating disorders. Her friends and colleagues step in to trap her in this amazing April fools prank.

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  3. Boardsports Inspiration: Let Us Roam

    The Creativity and Heart of this is just simply inspirational. It reminds me to dream when I create, and create when what I dream. The question I'm left with for all of us is... Are you out living?

    Let us Roam Trailer from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

    Let Us Roam is an ongoing short film series supported by Leica Camera. This series features stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers and musicians inside of the skateboarding culture. For many, skateboarding is a lifestyle that breeds creativity, and often-times the doorway leading to various avenues of expression. This first four part film portrait series tells the stories from behind the lens and path that led these artists to photography.
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  4. GoPro - Teaching a Pelican how to fly

    This Pelican washed up on shore in Tanzania after a big storm and couldn't fly. What happens next is awesome! Abandoned by his flock, Bigbird the pelican stumbled ashore after a storm and was taken in by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. Watch as Bigbird learns to fly for the first time.

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  5. Do Some Good- Watching this Homeless man "win" the lottery will make your day

    We all need a little inspiration from day to day, as well as a reminder to live outside of ourselves. After all, love makes the world go around. Often life gets the best of us and puts us on our grind, working towards our dreams, our goals, and our passions. Those are great things, but don't forget to lift your head up, take a deep breath, and look for an opportunity to share the blessings God has given you, for out of giving we also receive. --- Magician prankster Rahat wanted to give a gift to the homeless guy who lives down the block from him. Rather than simply giving the guy a handful of cash, the YouTube user instead wanted to provide an experience and allow the man to feel like he literally had won the lottery. When tears start flowing on both sides you'll realize just how touching your actions can be.

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