Inspiration: Prince Ea- Why I Think This World Should End A very positive message for all of us to consider, ponder, implement, and share around. Life is full of many things. There are so many distractions for us to give our time too. Some good, some bad. But once in a while something comes along that breaks us from our routine; pulls us from the things we are accustomed too, and causes us to think about Who We Are. And maybe more importantly... causes us to think about the Way We Are. This video does that for me. It puts into words the thoughts I often have swimming somewhere at the back of my head while I give myself over and over again to the daily grind and my current routine. Have I loved enough? Have I given enough? Do I spend enough time "Thinking" rather than just doing? I don't know. But I'm glad someone said this stuff and I think we should all be hearing more of it. What do you think?