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  1. netflix and shred

    Netflix and Chill?... Try Netflix and Shred. When it comes to new slogans, we've all come across a friend or two awkwardly throwing out "netflix and chill." Where did this come from? It seems to have just popped out of nowhere almost overnight, and in a culture that is far too heavily saturated with sexual connotations, pressure, and innuendos, we'd like to just take a second and clear a few things up. Yeah we've all been there... thinking about netflix and chill. They say that guys think about netflix and chill an average once every 7 seconds... That's mental. Every seven seconds we've got movies on our mind... er... sort of.

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  2. Featured Item - Elevated Stamina

    It's always nice to see what shirts look like on actual people. Check out the following gallery to see what the ELEVATED Blitz Tee looks like on our customers, fans, models, athletes, etc... Buy it this week ON SALE. BLITZ: Elevated Clothing - Surf, Shred Culture, Steez, Sesh the Coast, Shred Everything, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Boardsports, Freeskiing, Actionsports brand Elevated Stamina Each Week Elevated will release a new design or new product and put it on sale for you to buy. As part of our new site and release, we've put out 2 featured designs this week. Elevated Stamina and Elevated Front. Check them out below, find a style and color that you like and then go buy before the weekend is over and they're no longer on sale.

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