Netflix and Chill?... Try Netflix and Shred. When it comes to new slogans, we've all come across a friend or two awkwardly throwing out "netflix and chill." Where did this come from? It seems to have just popped out of nowhere almost overnight, and in a culture that is far too heavily saturated with sexual connotations, pressure, and innuendos, we'd like to just take a second and clear a few things up. Yeah we've all been there... thinking about netflix and chill. They say that guys think about netflix and chill an average once every 7 seconds... That's mental. Every seven seconds we've got movies on our mind... er... sort of. Maybe it's just a tv show, or even a trailer. That's 8000 times per day that we think about, dream about, daydream about, or get side-tracked by sex. But the point is, in a culture where we're absolutely flooded with "Netflix and Chill," constantly berated by it, and there seems to be no escape, the last thing we all need is to go and become even looser. That's why we at ELEVATED clothing recommend, that instead of Netflixin and Chillin, maybe we should be Netflixin and Shreddin... What do you think? Worth a try right? Put your passion on your mind as much as... well, as much as your passion is already on your mind... and you might just make something great out of yourself. We've got a whole lifetime ahead of us, and our sex drive will be there... don't worry, it will... It's not going anywhere. But your youth is, and your body can only take a beating for so long. Use your sex drive to fuel your motivation, your determination, your other passions, and get out and do something with that penned up energy. Take it out on your board, go shred, and shred hard. Because at the end of the day, using your body and giving your board a good thrashing in a way that your mamma would be proud of... is way more honorable than using someone else's body. That's our take here at Elevated. We'd love to see the return of the gentleman. So get out and shred something like you've got a pair. Want the shirt? Click on the image and buy one. netflix and chill meme netflix and chill meme, netflix and chill tee, netflix and shred netflix and chill meme, netflix and chill tee, netflix and shred netflix and chill meme tank top