If you're looking for the definition of Netflix and Chill, it's probably because you've been hearing it get thrown all over the place lately. Netflix and chill became popular late last year, but has been increasingly making it's way through the ranks ever since. As of August 2015 we've seen a huge increase in the use and application of "Netflix an Chill" or "Netflix and Chill". What does Netflix and Chill mean? Where does the phrase come from? Who started Netflix and Chill? These are all good questions to ask. Where did the meme originate from? It looks like it started in 2014, mostly through Twitter. An early example was tweeted by the themed Twitter Start3rPack on November 14th, 2014; it was labeled “the Netflix and Chill Starter Pack,” with four photographs indicating the pack would contain comfortable socks, pajamas, and a Trojan magnum condom. The tweet received 44 retweets and 56 favorites. We've written a full blog post on the origins of Netflix and Chill, so if you're interested, read on here However, if you're super interested in pop culture and keeping up with phrases, you might want to buy this dope shirt: Click and be taken to the link to show off your swag.