The Magic Carpet - A Wakeboard Film by Geoff Fagien

The Magic Carpet - A Wakeboard Film - Out September 30 from Geoff Fagien on Vimeo.

I'm sure by now you've caught wind of the amazing film put out by Geoff Fagien at Reach Films called Magic Carpet. If you haven't, then you're in for a treat. The Magic Carpet - A Wakeboard Film by Geoff Fagien features some incredible talent and just as stunning cinematography. Filmed in the Summer/Fall of 2016, spanning continents, with wide sweeping ariel shots and a key eye for film, Geoff masterfully captures athletes and facilities from the USA, England and Israel. The Magic Carpet is a fun film that dutifully shows off some of the best cable riders across the world. The Movie features Nick Davies, Guy Firer, Lior Sofer, Diego Barragan and Noah Flegel. As well as features riding from Julia Rick, Marc Shuster, Frederic Von Osten, Liam Rundholz, and Cory Teunissen. Sponsored by a select few companies, ELEVATED was blessed to be a small part of this great project, and we love to see incredible talent being showcased with the passion and enthusiasm that Geoff brings to the scene. Watch the trailer, and then head over to, Vimeo, or Youtube where you can watch the entire film. Here magic carpet wakeboarding lior sofer magic carpet wakeboarding elevated clothing