brad smeele pro wakeboarder new zealand We've just heard the news that Pro Wakeboarder Brad Smeele had a terrible accident wakeboarding this weekend and is in critical condition. Our heart goes out to Brad, who we've been blessed to encounter numerous times over the last two years and who has always been a bright beacon of love, respect, and awesomeness in the wakeboard industry. He's a huge role model and friend to many riders and an incredible athlete. A page has been set up to take donations to help get him home to New Zealand to recover with his family. Please give whatever possible and spread his donation page around. Get better soon Brad, we know you're a giant! Read below for details pulled from brad smeele Wakeworld: New Zealand wakeboarder Brad Smeele took a brutal fall Sunday while attempting a trick (some say it was a triple flip, some say double tantrum to blind) on the Big Air that put him in the ICU. Brad came up short and reportedly crushed his fouth vertebrae and has no feeling from the neck down. As this is written, Brad is undergoing his second surgery, which is expected to last 6-7 hours. Doctors will know much more when the surgery is completed. Brad has always been one to push the limits of wakeboarding and nobody would argue that he's one of the bravest riders on the water. Brad's countrymate and good friend, Jeff Weatherall, was at his side this morning after flying out from California. Brad's mom is said to be flying in from New Zealand. "Thank you all so much for your love and support for Brad," reported Weatherall. "It really goes to show how far and wide around the world that crazy Kiwi has had a positive effect!" The wakeboarding community has quickly rallied around Brad. Even Red Bull has their doctors involved. If you'd like to donate to help out with medical costs, you can do so at There will also be a Fundraiser For Brad Smeele at The Other Bar in Orlando. Keep up to date on Brad's progress on Jeff Weatherall's Facebook page.