magician finds cards blindfolded magician card tricks lazarus benson Lazarus Benson is at it again. This time, the magician blindfolds himself while sitting across from two skeptics. He has his new friends pick 4 cards out of a brand new deck and then proceed to shuffle them back in again. All the while, Lazarus is blindfolded, unable to see what's going on, and once the cards are back on the table and mixed, he begins to systematically sort through them to correctly pull out all 4 cards from the deck without sneaking a peak. Watch the video: From Lazarus' own words: In This Video: [For this week’s edition of Monday Magic, the title pretty much gives away the trick, but it still has to be seen to be believed. Casper’s hyper-reality specialist supreme, Lazarus Benson manages to amaze weekly, but this has left quite a few social media folk baffled… and you can add me to that list, as well. Short version break down of the trick (which I’m not sure is even the right noun to use here), but Laz had a guy pick 4 cards (which were supposed to be the same type of card i.e. all four Jacks or 10s, etc.), but they guy instead choice all the same suit. Then blindfolded and without shuffling the deck at all (he let the guy do all that), Laz still managed to get them all correct, with a brand new deck, that he let the guy open and with the deck face down! This trick would have been impressive without the blindfold and without the cards being face down and without it being a new deck and without his volunteer shuffling them! Now add all that into it… MIND BLOWN!!! I have no idea how he plans to top this one, but I have no doubt that he will.This is how legends are created! ] Watch the whole video if you want to get the full effect of the trick. Please subscribe and share for more amazing magic tricks by Lazarus Benson Lazarus Benson: Magician, Hypnotist and People Person There is absolutely nothing in this world that is more mesmerizing, more entertaining and more intriguing than magic. Magic is not just a concept, magic is an example, and example that proves that it is possible for humans to exceed the limits that they bind themselves to and that people can soar through the skies. In addition, magic is just as amazing as the many practitioners of magic that exist in this world. Lazarus Benson is also a practitioner of magic, and a pretty impressive and experienced one, on that note. The Man Benson dabbles not only in magic and illusions but also in hypnotism as the illusionist also doubles as a professional hypnotist. Benson has been practicing magic for a whopping 20 years now, during the period of which the magician/illusionist has put on more than 1700 magic shows. Lazarus Benson, through years and years of training, has reached a level of mastery in the crafts of illusions and hypnotism that is simply impressive. Benson, who started his career in magic as a mere amateur with dreams that were far bigger than what he could manage at the time, has now become a professional magician, illusionist and hypnotist who is well-versed in the mysterious crafts. Lazarus is capable of accomplishing great feats, and even though that is so, the illusionist constantly continues to push his limits and go well beyond his breaking point so that he can inspire his fans to do the same. Lazarus simply loves what he does and has a lot of affection for all the people who are his fans and who support him. Benson wants to become an inspiration to others, someone who can, through magic and illusions, inspire people to do big things with their lives, much like he himself has done with his. Lazarus Benson’s Mission There is nothing that Lazarus would like more than to see his fan base grow so that he can expand his reach to even more people and become an inspiration to even more people, and that is the purpose behind his YouTube channel. Lazarus Benson’s official YouTube channel is a means for the magician, illusionist and hypnotist to not only show the world what he is capable of but also make his fans understand that they too can become capable of doing big things and accomplishing great feats if they try hard enough. The contents of Benson’s YouTube channel are completely in accordance with his trade. Most of the videos Lazarus uploads to his YouTube channels feature him either doing magic tricks or explaining to his fans how magic tricks are done or how magicians manage to pull off certain deeds. From simple card tricks to Benson hacking into someone’s bank account with his mystical powers, the YouTube channel is graced with the presence of videos featuring a highly diverse array of magic tricks including: money magic tricks, magic illusions, and quick magic tricks just to name a few. Since Lazarus Benson is also a hypnotist, quite a few of his videos are also based on hypnotism, with some of them actually featuring the magician and hypnotist hypnotizing people on camera. Also featured on the YouTube channel every once in a while are one or two videos that showcase the non-magical, non-illusive and non-hypnotizing side of the amazing and highly talented Lazarus Benson. You Can Also Find Benson on Other Networks Like: Twitter - Facebook -