lazarus benson hacks atm machine: lazarus benson magician hacks into bank account casper wyoming Have you ever seen a magician hack into someone's bank account the first day they meet? No... neither have I. That is, until now. Watch Lazarus Benson hack into a guy's bank account via atm debit card, by guessing his PIN number out of supposedly thin air. While the guy is psyched about the magic, he isn't too enthused to see Lazarus making a withdrawal out of his checking account within a matter of about 30 seconds. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. Would you give your debit card to a bar magician? Magician walks up to an ATM an hacks into someones bank account like boss! Don't mind the bleeps they are at the best i could get them, but still amazing trick to even do. The pin has been changed as well, so no it don't matter if you get it lol. Please subscribe and share for more amazing magic tricks by Lazarus Benson Instagram: Twitter Facebook T-Zank Youtube Facebook Twitter