In these modern times, can you even fathom it? Some of us remember it, albeit just barely. To those of us who do, does it even feel possible? I'm talking about a day without the internet. Don't you remember, the feel of life... unplugged? Don't you remember the connections that used to exist between people? The conversation, the life, the activity, the full emersion into your current situation, place, and time? Not to idealize it, but to recall it? I challenge you, all of you who remember, and those of you who have never known it, to pursue random days in your life, without the internet. Seek to be fully alive, and fully aware. Get out, Live Life to the Fullest. Dream, play, love, relax, and live. Be fully present with those who accompany you. Cut ties, for a day, with all of those not in your immediate sphere of influences. Smile at those around you. Engage in conversation. Live a day fully alive, fully you, fully free. I believe this type of action is necessary for all of us to fully realize who we are. We must consistently remove ourselves from what we know and experience on the regular, and get back to the core of who we really are, apart from our comforts, our distractions, and our conveniences. Spend a day really taking in the world around you, and then recognize just what it is you have been missing in your daily life and seek to have just a little more of those things, even while you go back to routine. Imagine, a day without the internet. And then don't just imagine, but go do!! What would you do with a day without the internet?