1. Henry Arvanites 2016 Wake Edit

    Henry Arvanites 2016 Wake Edit At ELEVATED, we love to not only see what our up and coming athletes are up too, but we're always stoked to share it with you, our audience, as well. Check out this sick edit from wakeboarder Henry Arvanites as he rides at Terminus Wakepark, Valdosta Wake Compound, and also showcases a little boat riding! And feel free to share this page with your friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwkmKeNDJ6E&feature=youtu.be

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  2. Christian Forssten My Naga Wakeboard Edit

    Christian Forssten My Naga Wakeboard Edit Christian Forssten has been one of those riders on the ELEVATED Wake Team who, while hailing from Sweden, has never let himself or his exposure be confined to the borders of Scandinavia. Christian constantly puts in work to bring his riding out to the world and travels as often as he can to ride in exotic places. With that in mind, it's no wonder he's consistently dropping sick edits for our viewing pleasure. This time it's "My Naga" from his trip to CWC Wake Park in 2016. Don't speak Swedish? That's okay, we're pretty sure you'll understand the title from watching the video, seeing Christian ball out on his board, and paring that with the lyrics of the soundtrack. Like the shirts that Christian is wearing? Check them out below the video and pick one up. Christian certainly is... "My Naga" for this one. -Machi Block ELEVATED

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  3. Malin Overby Wakeboarding A Love Story

    Malin Overby Wakeboarding A Love Story Elevated Athlete Malin Overby is not only an amazing wakeboarder, but she's an avid world traveler as well, which conveniently goes hand in hand. Growing up in Sweden, she now spends her time shredding in Australia as home base, and traveling everywhere else she can possibly go to ride in the mean time. With over 11,900 fans on her Facebook Athlete Page: @Malin Overby, she's definitely attracting some attention and eyeballs, and it's not hard to see why. Malin just released her latest edit from traveling around to various cable parks in Asia. Titled: "Wakeboarding A Love Story" you'll get to see just what makes Malin such a well-rounded athlete and why she's now part of the ELEVATED Family thanks to ELEVATED Australia.

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  4. 1 Day At Ride Cable

    1 DAY at RIDE CABLE SE04EP02 with 4amigos ELEVATED Clothing Athlete Norbi Vasko just shared this sick little video on his instagram for all of you to preview, so we figured we'd take the liberty to share it to the masses here. A year ago today, Norbi was off in Hungary shredding with his amigos at Ride Cable Wakepark, and they managed to capture some pretty stylish riding that would bring a smile to anybody's face. Norbi can be seen repping his ELEVATED Propaganda Tank (neon blue), and another limited edition lime green ELEVATED Lightning tank :) Video by Dani Kralik: @danikralik @ridecable wake park in Hungary.

    1DAYatRIDECABLE SE04EP02 with 4amigos from danikralik on Vimeo.


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  5. Vote for Tanar Pigrenet to Ride in Shredtowns Jamboree

    Vote for Tanar Pigrenet to Ride in Shredtowns Jamboree We need all of the friends and family to take action on this one! Shredtown is hosting their Jamboree event #shredtownjamboree and one of our athletes, who you all know and love, Tanar Pigrenet, made top 10 for the wildcard spot. His video is up on Alliancewake.com right now, and he is competing against 10 other amazing athletes for a chance to ride with Shredtown at the Jamboree wakeboarding contest. We would love to see Tanar take this spot. The kid has been working his face off and has consistently impressed with each new edit he releases and everytime he gets on his wakeboard. Check out his video below, and then please take a second and Go Vote For Him. It's as simple as following this link and clicking a button. VOTE Video 10, Tanar Pigrenet. http://www.alliancewake.com/videos/shredtown-jamboree-wildcard-spot-vote-now/
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  6. Seth Colbert Doubles at BSR

    ELEVATED Team Rider Seth Colbert out of Texas, has been killing it. We're incredibly stoked for what this coming year holds for him. Check out his latest video and a few epic pictures he captured. Edit by Mark Develde @Uscablewakeparks Photo Credit goes to Mark Develde @uscablewakeparks and @PureWaveProductions. Seth can be seen wearing his black ELEVATED Assemblance tee in the video. www.uscablewakeparks.com Tight winter weekend at BSR with Seth Colbert & Brady Patry ... good times, good vibes ... nothing better than riding doubles filming with a gopro. Filmed by Seth Colbert, Brady Patry, & Mark DeVelde ... edited by USCableWakeParks ... Thanks to the Patry's, Royal & Grassman for the hospitality! song: Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men ... amazon.com/Pictures-Of-Matchstick-Men/dp/B001UIPI3U

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  7. Wake Culture: Breddas Battle of the Backyard recap

    Everybody is so Stoked! That's the opening line of the 2014 Breddas Battle of the BackYard BOTBY edit. This year's event looks like it was the best yet, with athletes and fans showing up from around the world to ride, watch, and just have an all around amazing time. For those of you who don't know, Breddas are some of the sickest wakeboarders out there, comprised of 3 brothers from Sweden who have built their very own wake park in their back yard. Each year in the fall, they throw Battle of the Back Yard and host Scandinavia's biggest wakeboard competition. If you ask us, this is a wake event done right. Breddas have successfully been bringing the action sports and youth lifestyle culture together under one roof for quite some time now. Motocross, skateboarding, daredevils, hip hop, and some of the best wakeboarding on the planet. No wonder they get so many people to show up and have a good time. If you want a better insight into what I'm saying... just watch the video and let

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  8. Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit

    Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit Elevated Team Rider Ash Hannig released her summer wakeboarding edit and it's sick! Ash is an ASU Wake Devil who owns and runs Babe Shredder. She worked at BSR Cable Park over the summer and has been dialing in her riding like it's nobody's business. Ash has a special place in her shred ready heart for girls that ride, and wants to inspire more girls to feel comfortable competing and growing as athletes. Through Babe Shredder she has begun hosting wakeboard clinics around the country and rounding up some of the best female riders out there to teach new talent. We're stoked on Ash and would love it if you would share her edit around to bring her and the Babe Shredder crew some more exposure. And on that note we'll leave you with a quote from Ash: "I don't ride to compete. I don't ride

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  9. Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Story

    #staystrongbrad Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Story By now, the story of professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele from New Zealand has made it's rounds pretty significantly throughout the wake industry and beyond, garnering support from people the world over. Brad has been a monument in the sport and is one of the nicest dudes out there, so it's little surprise to see so many people rallying around him as he deals with recovery from his serious injury back in July. If you don't know the full story, you can read up on it here: http://elevatedclothingco.com/pro-wakeboarder-brad-smeele-brad-smeeles-recovery/ here: http://elevatedclothingco.com/pro-wakeboarder-brad-smeele-brad-smeeles-recovery-update/ and here: http://elevatedclothingco.com/wake-culture-pro-wakeboarder-brad-smeele-recovery-update-2/

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  10. Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant

    Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant In this video, Daniel Grant shreds Wake Island Cable Park in NorCal and shows us all how it's done. Very few riders boost as hard or as big as Daniel Grant. Getting in consecutive quick hits on each feature and flying through the turns pulling out massive air tricks, this wakeboard edit ought to leave you speechless. Wake Island is one of California's only two cable parks and ELEVATED is lucky enough to call it a home away from home in some small fashion. If you haven't gotten a chance to ride it's beautiful blue waters, make sure to schedule it into your travel some day. from Unleashed Wake - Wake Island in Sacramento, CA recently had a visit from Daniel Grant of Thai Wake Park. DG’s ability to shred on a wakeboard or wake skate at the cable park is something magical to watch. We hope you enjoy this edit at Wake Island the Premier Full Size Cable Park in California.

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