1. Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing

    Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing Niklas Höiem, Freeskier for ELEVATED, from Åre, Sweden, just came out with a new freeskiing edit called Oh My! Featuring: Niklas Höiem Björn Eklund Jacob Eklund Its a sick 2 minute video with great cinematography, chill music, and top-knotch riding. Check it out and share it around for these guys.

    Oh my! - Freeride

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  2. Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit

    Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit Have you ever seen anyone so locked in? Jeremia is still recovering from his knee surgery and can't quite hit kickers yet, so he's been honing in all of his rail skills. It's certainly paying off. Check it out, new edit from Uddvalla, Sweden! jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder Rider: Jeremia Hoppe Filmer/editor: Filip Snabb O'Brien Watersports Rixen Cableways Ridestore GoPro

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  3. Wake Culture: Breddas

    Breddas are back at it with their easy going Spring Feelings edit. Smooth lines, Swedish summer sunshine, and 3 brothers easing back into the good life. We always love to see what Breddas are up too. Description: A little spring edit showing our first self made 100 % plastic obstacle. Filming and editing: Filip Snabb* Riders: Ruben Snabb Mattias Hoppe Jeremia Hoppe Benjamin Hoppe Thank you: Obrién, Rixen, GoPro, Ridestore, Jaybird, Jetpilot, Blåkläder, Dope, Brandt

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  4. Elevated: Snow Culture- Niklas Höiem Edit

    Niklas Höiem has done it again with another sick freeskiing edit. Check out how his season wrapped up and watch the video below. Niklas is a Swedish freeskier for the Elevated team. He rides at Åre, Fågelcrib, and all around the north of Sweden. He just joined our brand this year and we've been incredibly pumped to have him with us. He's been non-stop with his style and exposure, and if this season turned out this good, we can't wait to see what next year holds. Check out his video and share it around. Niklas can be seen skiing in the ELEVATED Assemblance Tall Tee, the Pendulum, and the Amp Tall Tee. niklas höeim freeskiing

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  5. Dope Freeskiing Edit from Niklas Höiem in Åre, Sweden

    Swedish Freeskiing and ELEVATED Clothing- Elevated recently teamed up with an awesome crew of snow culture junkies from Åre, Sweden. Robin Todor of Todor Photography got us connected with shredder Niklas Höiem who we've recently added to our snow team. We're stoked to be working with these guys as they not only shred, but they're personally great guys. As you may or may not know, ELEVATED is making a hard push into being known throughout Scandinavian Action Sports Culture and we're stoked to see this kind of progress and momentum developing. Niklas kills it with is freeskiing steez. Just watch the video to see what we're talking about. More of Niklas' edits can be seen at

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