1. Backflip on Wakesurf

    Backflip on Wakesurf: There's not much more fun than a girl who can do a backflip with ease... except maybe a girl who can do a backflip with ease while standing on a dude's shoulders while they both wake surf... Yeah that's pretty much unbeatable. Check it out and share it around.

    surf du soleil level ups with David Swanson

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  2. Elevated Clothing Back To School Shopping Half Off Sale

    Elevated Clothing Back To School Shopping Half Off Sale It's that time of year when summer is slowly winding down, the days are still long, but the nights seem to be stretched out too, and kids are going back to class. Even though we're an action sports brand based out of California and we don't notice the weather change much, we grew our roots in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, and we remember the feeling of approaching fall. Here we're still surfing and wakeboarding, laying on the beach in our boardies and rocking bro tanks, but elsewhere it's t-shirt weather now, and moving into hoodie season. Kids are all looking to impress their friends, and want to look fly in the new stage of life called Back to School. ELEVATED has just the sale for all of you fans out there. We're doing a Half-Off SALE Right Now! Hurry and buy those items you've been eyeballing and wanting all summer long. The
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  3. Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman

    Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman Elevated Clothing Team Surfer Cole Taschman has some great sets in Florida when the storms roll in. This is one kid who can always keep us super stoked. He's got an abundance of fresh content that comes in our proverbial doors often, and we're pumped to have him as part of Elevated Clothing's surf team. Keep an eye on this kid as he's full of relentless determination and skill to match. More than anything, we think he's just out to have a good time and keep the stoke. Give him a like and a share, and enjoy the following pics. You also might have seen Cole Taschman and his buddy Logan Hayes in the No Anchor film project WEEKENDS. If you haven't seen it, check out the post.

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  4. Wake Culture: Austin Hair

    Wake Culture: Austin Hair Late last year, in 2013, ELEVATED picked up pro wakeboarder Austin Hair to join our team. We got fully introduced to him at Surf Expo in Orlando, where he showed our crew incredible hospitality and insane riding at his lake house on Clear Lake. Since that day it's been a lot of fun for us to watch him continuously push his own limits and delve further and further into company culture. That's why we're stoked to show you the following video of Austin throwing down hard in his ELEVATED Products, just released on Alliance Wake Mag. Check it and click the "Like" button. Austin Hair has been busy traveling the world this season but manage to put together a few boat sets in Orlando at Lake Jessamine, Clear Lake, and Lake Conway. Enjoy! Video

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  5. Wake Culture: Super Slow Motion Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

    No Anchor brings you Super Slow Motion Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing - Sunset Sessions by No Anchor no anchor sunset surf sessions Our homies at No Anchor are continuously producing, what are in our opinion, some of the sickest videos out on the web today for actionsports. They have an eye that most don't, and they constantly prove they have the goods when it comes to beautiful cinematography, inherent story, and capturing action sports heroes. Watch this sunset surf session in Orlando with Logan Hayes and wakeboarding by Parker Bizar.

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  6. Lifestyle- Swedish Photographer David Thornell

    Lifestyle- Swedish Photographer David Thornell is a good friend of our's here at ELEVATED. He runs StreetAddict, a store in Gothenburg, Sweden, and he has the luxury of traveling the world taking pictures and exploring his creative side. This post is dedicated to his work, which we're confident will show you a more in-depth look at America than you're used too. We all see it, day to day, but it takes an artist to capture images like these and present them in a consistent form of "lifestyle" that showcases certain side of life throughout the US. Read our interview with David below and then check out some of his captivating photography. [caption id="attachment_5824" align="alignnone" width="700"]Biggie smalls street art graffiti Biggie Smalls[/caption]

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  7. Lifestyle/Steez: Random Elevated Fans and Pics

    At Elevated, we want to honor our fans and customers, our loyal friends who wear elevated clothing in their day to day lives. Feast your eyes on all of these random steez and lifestyle pictures of athletes and people wearing elevated. From wakeboarding, to wingsuit racing in Europe, to hanging out on a beach, Elevated Clothing is representing boardsports all over the world. Thanks for all of your support over the years fans. elevated lifestyle/steez [caption id="attachment_5481" align="alignnone" width="779"]Cody Hennings tattoo culture elevated clothing Cody Hennings[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5480" align="alignnone" width="960"]

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  8. ELEVATED Featured Product: Gnar - Live Ride Shred Gnar

    ELEVATED Gnar on sale now! Each Week Elevated will release a new design or new product and put it on sale for you to buy. As part of our new site and release, we'd like to present to you Elevated Gnar. Check out the options below, find a style and color that you like and then go buy before the weekend is over and they're no longer on sale. Don't forget that you can also get 20% off your order (Yes, even sales items), by using one of our athlete/rep codes, such as "elevatetexas" We want you rocking our product, so we have no problem dropping the price low low for you. Check out this weeks men's tank tops and t-shirts, and women's burnout deep-v's, burnout racerback tank tops, and dolman sleeve style. All of Elevated's products are incredibly soft, comfortable, and have a fashion fit.
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  9. Morning Music Video: Overwerk - Daybreak

    Morning Music Video: Everyone loves a little musical inspiration to start off the day and get their ear drums pumping. Put that beat in your step today and stand tall. We'll keep it fresh for you, pulling from a variety of musical styles across the globe. For the most part we'll keep it relatively underground so you can get exposed to new artists. Let us know what you think of the music in the comments below. Got a suggestion? Respond with a link. Music Video Artist: Overwerk Song: Daybreak There's not an official music video to this song, so instead we're presenting it to you in the form of a Redbull remix with Art of Flight footage. This is good news however, because this song is absolutely perfect for the footage and vice versa. If you don't love snowboarding, you will after you see this video.

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  10. Featured Item - Elevated Stamina

    It's always nice to see what shirts look like on actual people. Check out the following gallery to see what the ELEVATED Blitz Tee looks like on our customers, fans, models, athletes, etc... Buy it this week ON SALE. BLITZ: Elevated Clothing - Surf, Shred Culture, Steez, Sesh the Coast, Shred Everything, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Boardsports, Freeskiing, Actionsports brand Elevated Stamina Each Week Elevated will release a new design or new product and put it on sale for you to buy. As part of our new site and release, we've put out 2 featured designs this week. Elevated Stamina and Elevated Front. Check them out below, find a style and color that you like and then go buy before the weekend is over and they're no longer on sale.

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