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  1. ELEVATED Advertises with Wakeboarding Mag

    ELEVATED Clothing Advertising on Wakeboarding Mag As of last week, May 15th, ELEVATED Clothing has officially begun advertising with Wakeboarding Magazine at This is quite the milestone for our company. When I was younger, just starting Elevated, paying attention to all of the things in the greater world of action sports that I was in awe of, I couldn't wait for the day our brand would be tightly linked with the magazines that pushed and fueled our passions and the industry. Now, some years later with a flourishing and growing action sports brand heavily on the rise, building every day, I'm super proud to see ELEVATED Clothing represented on It's a small thing, but also a very big thing as there's no going back. Every step we take at this company is a step forward into greater things. I'd like to take a second and simply thank all of our fans, our customers,

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  2. Elevated Clothing - Brand Deck Graphic Design

    Elevated Clothing has a history of some seriously sick graphic design... so says the designer :) We want all of our fans, and the action sports industry/boardsports industry as a whole to know who we are and what we're up too. On this note, Elevated threw together a brand deck to show some of our apparel products as well as a little bit of brand culture. Hot girls, steezy clothing, boardsports, action shots, and a little information behind the brand and who is elevated clothing. Check it out and let us know what you like about ELEVATED in the comment section below. elevated clothing wakeboarding clothing

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