1. Kid Falls Asleep On Plane After Eating Chicken Nuggets

    Kid Falls Asleep On Plane After Eating Chicken Nuggets Have you ever seen a kid fall asleep with chicken nuggets hanging out of his mouth? How about on an airplane? We're going to make a stretch and say that it probably doesn't happen that often. Check out this hilarious video of a young boy passing out mid bite. - This is my son and his viral video of him sitting in First Class Seat on Air Tran flight from Cancun Mexico to Baltimore Maryland falling asleep while eating chicken nuggets that we got for him at the Bubba Gump Shrimp place at the gate before boarding this plane... Watch it, this is so funny. In the matter of weeks almost every TV channel in the world showed this video...

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  2. Viral: Arnold Swarzenegger Moving To Australia

    Viral: Arnold Swarzenegger Moving To Australia Is Arnold Swarzenegger Moving To Australia? This hilarious commercial for gives us insight into the daily life of Arnold Swarzenegger as he longs to move back to his homeland of Austria, and yet gets confused between that and Australia. No Vienna... I know, so much has changed! We can't hardly blame the guy, English isn't his native tongue and his brain isn't his most used muscle. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Arnold Schwarzenegger asks his new assistant Dylan Blocke to help him find a property back in Austria. There's only one problem... Join Arnie and Dylan on an adventure of property discovery with

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  3. What do you mean you don't love snow?

    If you've had an abundance of snow this winter and aren't stoked about it, we feel for you bro. For 2 reasons... 1) You don't know how to enjoy a good thing. 2) You may be like this guy. Watch this hilarious video of a guy having a terrible winter morning.

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