1. Viral: Dying Light- POV Zombie Parkour Chase

    Viral: Dying Light- POV Zombie Parkour Chase Wow, it's not everyday you see a DIY Zombie flick that's this amazing. My heart was pounding every second of this and the POV angle really makes it feel like it's you running for your life, scurrying away from the Zombies. What starts out as a more or less calm scene turns into a race for your life from terrifying brains and guts hungry zombies that are crazy fast. Things really escalate quickly... Too quickly. I'll be honest, I screamed like a little girl inside of my head twice. Round of applause goes to the lead, that's some pretty epic parkour. Here's what the creators have to say: Inspired by the highly-anticipated action survival game, Dying Light, this Real-Life Parkour video puts you in the POV of a runner and takes you on a frantic escape from zombies through the rooftops of Cambridge, UK. We had a lot of fun making this and cant wait to play the game when it comes

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  2. Ashes - No Anchor Films: Tricking in Slow Motion

    No Anchor films did it again, putting together a super sick edit with just the basics and raw talent. Add a little ash and dust to the athlete, park a few cars in an empty field and see what magic ensues. Check out their new edit of Casey Jones in Orlando. About: No Anchor is a collective of artists, producers, athletes, and visionaries all coming together to share their aspirations and accomplishments with the world. No Anchor is not only a community, but a lifestyle. We Are No Anchor. Mission: Our mission is to find the most dynamic individuals in separate industries ranging between music, visual arts, sports, etc and to bring them to one place to share with the world. You might remember the recent post we did about No Anchor's Timber edit about snowboarding and jibbing on a burning rail here:

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