1. 1 Day At Ride Cable

    1 DAY at RIDE CABLE SE04EP02 with 4amigos ELEVATED Clothing Athlete Norbi Vasko just shared this sick little video on his instagram for all of you to preview, so we figured we'd take the liberty to share it to the masses here. A year ago today, Norbi was off in Hungary shredding with his amigos at Ride Cable Wakepark, and they managed to capture some pretty stylish riding that would bring a smile to anybody's face. Norbi can be seen repping his ELEVATED Propaganda Tank (neon blue), and another limited edition lime green ELEVATED Lightning tank :) Video by Dani Kralik: @danikralik @ridecable wake park in Hungary.

    1DAYatRIDECABLE SE04EP02 with 4amigos from danikralik on Vimeo.


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  2. Wake Culture: Daniel Grant's Winning Run at FISE

    Wake Culture: Daniel Grant's Winning Run at FISE Watch Daniel Grant's Winning Run at FISE. Congratulations dude, looked like a sick event.

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  3. Action Sports - FISE World Series

    If you haven't heard of FISE yet, get with it, this event is HUGE!!! Watch the video, it says it all. Who's going?! fise bmx fise action sports fise bmx It’s official launch of FISE WORLD SERIES is in the starting blocks, 4 dates are planned for 2014

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  4. Czech Riders Spotcheck at Superpark Planai- Epic Snowboarding Edit

    superpark planai czech snowboarding riders spot check superpark planai czech riders spot check Snowboarding hand plant Wow! This kind of riding, paired with incredible and creative cinematography and picturesque landscapes of Europe makes for one killer shredit!!! This one is definitely Shreddie approved. [caption id="attachment_4485" align="alignnone" width="867"]
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