erik nilsson

  1. Wake Culture: Surf City Cable Park Competition

    Wake Culture: Surf City Cable Park Competition ELEVATED Team Wakeskater Erik Nilsson took 1st place in the Cable Park competition over the summer in Norway. Erik is a super talented Swedish Wakeskater who has been getting after it like crazy lately. It's awesome to see him out and about, traveling Scandinavia and many parts of Europe to ride different cable parks and enter numerous competitions. His skill is outstanding and he's got the victories to prove it. surf city This is a really fun and short edit depicting the typical competition day in Norway. Wakeboarders, Wakeskaters, SUP'ing, and of course lots of fun. Check it out and give it a share. Congratulations on the win

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  2. Wake Culture: ELEVATED wakeskater Erik Nilsson takes to Turkey

    After a brief recovery period from his hurt ankle, ELEVATED Wakeskater Erik Nilsson took to the waterways of Hip-Notics in Turkey with his good friend Lars Holte. Check out this sick edit they put together from their trip. QUALITY! [caption id="attachment_5567" align="alignnone" width="250"]Elevated Shreddie yetti Shreddie Approved[/caption]

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