It's Easter Morning family. This is the highest Holy day for Christians all over the world. But many Christians, and non-Christians alike have no idea of the actual importance of Easter. We know it's "A day to reflect,"... We know that we say to people things like "He is Risen," and they respond "He is Risen indeed." We know that this day represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. But do we know that it's more than a day of representation? How many of us let it sink in that this day, Easter, is not merely a day of representation, but a day of true hope? A day of Remembrance. When we reflect, remember, and study, that on this Easter day nearly 2000 years ago, the God who created us in love, who made us in His Image... The God who stepped into the world to live amongst us, (Who took on flesh and bone and lived a sinless life amongst His creation to give them(us) hope, direction, instruction, and light) rose from the dead. That's not some mystical thing that Christians

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