drew glickman

  1. Tige MyWake Challenge

    Tige MyWake Challenge So far 3 of our ELEVATED athletes have submitted wakeboarding and wakeskate videos for the Tige' My Wake Challenge. We wanted to share these with you, our fans, so that not only can you keep up with what your favorite athletes are up too, but you can better understand the brand culture behind ELEVATED Clothing. It also helps that the more views and more shares these guys get, the better their standing in the competition. So check out the videos, give the a like, and share the page (or the individual videos) around on your social media if you think they're deserving. Video 1: Austin Polterock - Wakeskater, Northern California. At only 17 years old, Austin shreds so hard and throws down with the literal best wakeskaters in the world at competitions around the country. Video 2: Drew Glickman - Wakeboarder, Trophy Lakes, SC. Trophy Lakes Cable Crew all featured in the shot. We think the editing on this one is so sick, and some solid riding for sure.

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  2. Wake Culture: One Rainy Day - Elevated West Coast Team

    Summer's here in California, and that means the cable parks have opened back up, wakeboarding is in full swing, and of course the girls are back out in their bikinis.... but I digress. Part of ELEVATED's West Coast Crew, Drew Glickman, Tanar Pigrenet, and Matt Tonne, and Ben Hernstedt have been hitting it hard at Wake Island Watersports Cable Park in Sacramento, CA lately and just released this new edit, "One Rainy Day." Check it out and share this page around your social media to give these guys some love.

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