Morning Music Video: Everyone loves a little musical inspiration to start off the day and get their ear drums pumping. Put that beat in your step today and stand tall. We'll keep it fresh for you, pulling from a variety of musical styles across the globe. For the most part we'll keep it relatively underground so you can get exposed to new artists. Let us know what you think of the music in the comments below. Got a suggestion? Respond with a link. Music Video Artist: Dangerous Summer Song: Where I want to be I first discovered DANGEROUS SUMMER in 2010 while on the Kavadba Summer Road Trip with some of my best friends. We were staying in San Diego for a few days surfing, exploring the beaches, and reconnecting with an old Montana friend. We had just pulled into the beach parking lot with the Kavadba Van and were getting things situated for the day when a couple of kids approached us and wanted to know about the road trip and the clothing

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