1. Wake Culture: Kaesen Suyderhoud - Velocity Island Wake Park

    In the last month, ELEVATED has been lucky enough to get to bring our team together twice and shred California's new cable wake park Velocity Island Park. They aren't quite open to the public yet, so it makes it extra special for us to get the VIP treatment at VIP (Velocity Island Park). I'm proud to tell you first hand from experience that this cable park is so dope! Velocity will surely be a destination park for wakeboarders all over the world to come ride and experience something unique and fresh. Every detail at this park has been thought through, from the layout, to landscaping, to the most important aspect, the features. kaesen suyderhoud new feature unit park tech velocity island wake park

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  2. ELEVATED Clothing Surf Culture - All Things Elevated Surf

    ELEVATED is fully rooted in Surf Culture. Since moving production to California in 2010, ELEVATED has carefully been carving out it's spot within the surf industry. We believe firmly in supporting surf culture from the ground up. We get involved in grassroots events, we support the up and coming athletes, we sponsor Pro's, and we are becoming heavily involved in events around the world. Our surf athletes stretch from the west coast of California to the sandy bays of Flordia. We fully intend to continue to develop the industry side by side with the other great companies that make the culture we love and breathe. Here on this page you will find all of the media that defines Elevated Surf Culture which we or our athletes and affiliates have produced. Unlike other blog pages where we share Surfing content from across the internet, this page is devoted specifically to all things ELEVATED in the surf culture. [caption id="attachment_5528" align="alignnone"

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  3. SoCal GoPro Surf Cam - Colin Pierce

    Our good homie Colin Pierce took his GoPro helmet cam out for a test run surfing this week at County Line in Los Angeles, CA. There's something amazing about SoCal surf, especially when you know how to rip like Colin. This guy's always fun to watch and even more fun to sesh with. Music by Evian Christ off of his "Kings and Them" mixtape.

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