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  1. Bli Bli Groms Talk About Their Love Of Wakeboarding

    Bli Bli Groms Talk About Their Love Of Wakeboarding As many of you know, Australia has been booming with ELEVATED since last July. Brent Trapp, director of operations with ELEVATED Australia sent us along this fun little video of all of the groms at Bli Bli Wake Park sitting around talking about their love of wakeboarding and then going out and shredding. It's always fun for us at Elevated Clothing to come across random media content showing off our brand from around the world. We're stoked on all of these guys!

    next in line from Ria Dani on Vimeo.

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  2. Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant

    Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant In this video, Daniel Grant shreds Wake Island Cable Park in NorCal and shows us all how it's done. Very few riders boost as hard or as big as Daniel Grant. Getting in consecutive quick hits on each feature and flying through the turns pulling out massive air tricks, this wakeboard edit ought to leave you speechless. Wake Island is one of California's only two cable parks and ELEVATED is lucky enough to call it a home away from home in some small fashion. If you haven't gotten a chance to ride it's beautiful blue waters, make sure to schedule it into your travel some day. from Unleashed Wake - Wake Island in Sacramento, CA recently had a visit from Daniel Grant of Thai Wake Park. DG’s ability to shred on a wakeboard or wake skate at the cable park is something magical to watch. We hope you enjoy this edit at Wake Island the Premier Full Size Cable Park in California.

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  3. Wake Culture: Venice Beach Hungary- Cable Edit

    Wakeboarding is at it's finest when good friends get together to shred. Check out this really fun edit of Hungary's Venice Beach Cable Park. Location: Venice Beach Cable Park, Hungary Riders: Bodoki Roland, Széchenyi Attila, Csontos Milán Accessories: DJI Phantom 2 + H3-2D Gimbal Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Music: Trouble Andrew - Chase Money Venice Beach Hungary

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  4. Wake Culture: Sawe Oualiti's Edit - Summer in Winter

    Watch this dope edit of Sawe Oualiti as he spent 4 weeks in the Philippines at the CWC Cable Park capturing all the footage he could. Here’s a look at a few of those clips.

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