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  1. BSR with the Swedes

    BSR With The Swedes I hope you're sitting down this morning, because this video will make you weak at the knees. Grab your cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy 4 minutes of pure bliss as Fredrik Blomqvist, Jeremia Hoppe, and Elevated Team Rider Christian Forssten drop bangers and locked in rail hits from their spring trip to BSR Cable Park in Texas. There's an old saying from somewhere in the world that states... "You know it's going to be a party when the Swedes come to town!" And if that's not a real saying then it should be. These kids kill. PRESS PLAY! And then share!!!!

    BSR with the Swedes from Fredrik Blomqvist on Vimeo.

    Jeremia Hoppe, Fredrik Blomqvist & Christian
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  2. Wake Culture: Breddas Battle of the Backyard recap

    Everybody is so Stoked! That's the opening line of the 2014 Breddas Battle of the BackYard BOTBY edit. This year's event looks like it was the best yet, with athletes and fans showing up from around the world to ride, watch, and just have an all around amazing time. For those of you who don't know, Breddas are some of the sickest wakeboarders out there, comprised of 3 brothers from Sweden who have built their very own wake park in their back yard. Each year in the fall, they throw Battle of the Back Yard and host Scandinavia's biggest wakeboard competition. If you ask us, this is a wake event done right. Breddas have successfully been bringing the action sports and youth lifestyle culture together under one roof for quite some time now. Motocross, skateboarding, daredevils, hip hop, and some of the best wakeboarding on the planet. No wonder they get so many people to show up and have a good time. If you want a better insight into what I'm saying... just watch the video and let

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  3. Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant

    Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant In this video, Daniel Grant shreds Wake Island Cable Park in NorCal and shows us all how it's done. Very few riders boost as hard or as big as Daniel Grant. Getting in consecutive quick hits on each feature and flying through the turns pulling out massive air tricks, this wakeboard edit ought to leave you speechless. Wake Island is one of California's only two cable parks and ELEVATED is lucky enough to call it a home away from home in some small fashion. If you haven't gotten a chance to ride it's beautiful blue waters, make sure to schedule it into your travel some day. from Unleashed Wake - Wake Island in Sacramento, CA recently had a visit from Daniel Grant of Thai Wake Park. DG’s ability to shred on a wakeboard or wake skate at the cable park is something magical to watch. We hope you enjoy this edit at Wake Island the Premier Full Size Cable Park in California.

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  4. Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew

    Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew The long awaited opening of Velocity Island Cable Wake Park is finally here, and we've got just the video to show you the goods. Trever Maur spent some time filming with the local park crew and put together a super fun and sleek edit; getting some rounds in for himself of course too. The video shows the wide diversity of the park's features, including the signature Kaesen Suyderhoud feature from Unit Parktech. Speaking from Experience, this park is dope. They gave our ELEVATED Crew the VIP treatment when we were there filming our West Coast Edit, and we are stoked that they're finally open to the public. This is for sure park you'll want to shred. Check out the following video featuring Trever Maur, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Anton Ryzenkov, Elevated athletes Tanar Pigrenet and Matt Tonne, Dylan De Kalb, Andrew Hartmann, Jay Miguel, Calli Turner, Jennifer Gillantar, and Kyle Feder.

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  5. Wake Culture: Venice Beach Hungary- Cable Edit

    Wakeboarding is at it's finest when good friends get together to shred. Check out this really fun edit of Hungary's Venice Beach Cable Park. Location: Venice Beach Cable Park, Hungary Riders: Bodoki Roland, Széchenyi Attila, Csontos Milán Accessories: DJI Phantom 2 + H3-2D Gimbal Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Music: Trouble Andrew - Chase Money Venice Beach Hungary

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  6. Wake Culture: Netherlands - John Broer at CWC

    A couple days ago Alliance Wakeboard mag introduced us all to "24 year old John Broer from the Netherlands. John is a cable operator in Holland and works so he can shred. It’s guys like John that really make wakeboarding special. Work hard, play harder. Get to know John Broer. This wont be his last edit. Enjoy!" We couldn't agree more, this kid shreds. Super technical style and a lot of fun packed into one little edit. Check it out and leave your thoughts in a comment.

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