bsr cable park

  1. Seth Colbert Doubles at BSR

    ELEVATED Team Rider Seth Colbert out of Texas, has been killing it. We're incredibly stoked for what this coming year holds for him. Check out his latest video and a few epic pictures he captured. Edit by Mark Develde @Uscablewakeparks Photo Credit goes to Mark Develde @uscablewakeparks and @PureWaveProductions. Seth can be seen wearing his black ELEVATED Assemblance tee in the video. Tight winter weekend at BSR with Seth Colbert & Brady Patry ... good times, good vibes ... nothing better than riding doubles filming with a gopro. Filmed by Seth Colbert, Brady Patry, & Mark DeVelde ... edited by USCableWakeParks ... Thanks to the Patry's, Royal & Grassman for the hospitality! song: Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men ...

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  2. Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit

    Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit Elevated Team Rider Ash Hannig released her summer wakeboarding edit and it's sick! Ash is an ASU Wake Devil who owns and runs Babe Shredder. She worked at BSR Cable Park over the summer and has been dialing in her riding like it's nobody's business. Ash has a special place in her shred ready heart for girls that ride, and wants to inspire more girls to feel comfortable competing and growing as athletes. Through Babe Shredder she has begun hosting wakeboard clinics around the country and rounding up some of the best female riders out there to teach new talent. We're stoked on Ash and would love it if you would share her edit around to bring her and the Babe Shredder crew some more exposure. And on that note we'll leave you with a quote from Ash: "I don't ride to compete. I don't ride

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  3. Wake Culture: ELEVATED- Christian Forssten's BSR Edit

    Swedish Wakeboarder and Elevated Pro rider Christian Forssten just released his new wakeboarding edit today, and it is siiiiick!! Christian spent all of April shredding BSR Cable Park in Texas with a few of his close friends. You can tell he had a lot of penned up stoke that came out in full force from spending the cold Swedish winter in anticipation of Summer shredding. You'll see some huge hits, locked in rail slides, and crazy spins from this kid. Check him out shredding in the ELEVATED Front Tee. Christian Passos Forssten- "After being away four weeks on one of the best trips ever me and Fredrik decided to caption the best moments on film and it turned out pretty good. I would like to thank everyone working at BSR Cable Park for makin this edit happen you guys are the best! also i would like to thank everyone else we met along the trip. Thank you Slingshot

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