1. BSR with the Swedes

    BSR With The Swedes I hope you're sitting down this morning, because this video will make you weak at the knees. Grab your cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy 4 minutes of pure bliss as Fredrik Blomqvist, Jeremia Hoppe, and Elevated Team Rider Christian Forssten drop bangers and locked in rail hits from their spring trip to BSR Cable Park in Texas. There's an old saying from somewhere in the world that states... "You know it's going to be a party when the Swedes come to town!" And if that's not a real saying then it should be. These kids kill. PRESS PLAY! And then share!!!!

    BSR with the Swedes from Fredrik Blomqvist on Vimeo.

    Jeremia Hoppe, Fredrik Blomqvist & Christian
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  2. Wake Culture: Breddas New Fall Project

    Wake Culture: Breddas New Fall Project Breddas Just release their new fall project and it is insane!! This new video perfectly showcases their talent for humor, quality video production, and incredible skill on the water. Not everyone can say they have a wake park in their backyard, but these three brothers from Sweden have proudly built a world class jib spot on their property through years of hard work and strategic partnerships. Each year their talent grows individually and collectively, bringing them more and more notoriety, and each year the Breddas Wake Park gets bigger and better. Check out Wakeboarding at it's finest.

    Breddas fall project from Breddas on Vimeo.

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  3. Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit

    Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit Have you ever seen anyone so locked in? Jeremia is still recovering from his knee surgery and can't quite hit kickers yet, so he's been honing in all of his rail skills. It's certainly paying off. Check it out, new edit from Uddvalla, Sweden! jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder Rider: Jeremia Hoppe Filmer/editor: Filip Snabb O'Brien Watersports Rixen Cableways Ridestore GoPro

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  4. Wake Culture: Breddas New Wakeboard Edit

    Wake Culture: Breddas New Wakeboard Edit Breddas released a new wakeboard edit and it is DIRTY!! Last winter we went to THAILAND for some filming for two months. Jeremia Hoppe, the youngest brother, had an injured knee so Mattias and Benjamin Hoppe went "solo" on this one. This time we focused more on style instead of the "hectic landing new tricks competition". We wanted to have some rail hits in this video but the obstacle we were working on for 5 month didn't finish IN TIME.. We do love rails! RIDERS: BENJAMIN Hoppe Mattias Hoppe Edit: Filip snabb Filming: Andreas Fernbrant Sponsors: Rixen cableways Obrien wakeboards Ridestore Jaybird headphones Black mountain wakepark GOPRO Jetpilot Blåkläder Gest riders: Dominik Guhrs Lior Sofer

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  5. Wake Culture: Breddas

    Breddas are back at it with their easy going Spring Feelings edit. Smooth lines, Swedish summer sunshine, and 3 brothers easing back into the good life. We always love to see what Breddas are up too. Description: A little spring edit showing our first self made 100 % plastic obstacle. Filming and editing: Filip Snabb* Riders: Ruben Snabb Mattias Hoppe Jeremia Hoppe Benjamin Hoppe Thank you: Obrién, Rixen, GoPro, Ridestore, Jaybird, Jetpilot, Blåkläder, Dope, Brandt

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  6. Wakeboarding- Breddas Announce BATTLE OF THE BACKYARD Date

    Breddas have officially announced that Saturday, August 2nd will be the date for the infamous Battle of the Backyard in Sweden this summer at Breddas Wakepark. If you haven't heard of this event, or Breddas, you better get in the know! Breddas are 3 brothers from Sweden who do everything together and who are quickly becoming the face of wakeboarding for Sweden, throwing the countries biggest wake event in their very own backyard. battle of the backyard breddas sweden That's right, together, over years of blood, sweat, tears, and lots of laughter, the Hoppe brothers built what many of us would consider to be the coolest thing ever in their own backyard. Breddas
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