1. Great Brands Aren't Born... They're Built Over Time - New Elevated Clothing Website Launch

    Great Brands Aren't Born... They're Built Over Time - New Elevated Clothing Website Launch

    Great Brands aren't born, they're built over time, and at Elevated Clothing we've created one heck of a brand! We're proud to announce the launch of our brand new website for Elevated. Centered around Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, and Streetwear, Elevated Clothing has long been a staple in the Independent Clothing Industry. And now, more than ever, we're proud to bring our our brand new line or products and fully re-designed website. As in any industry, but especially in boardsports fashion and apparel, it's important for a company to stay current and consistently redefine themselves while remaining true to their core values. From time
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  2. Elevated 03 Streetwear Tee

    Elevated 03 Streetwear Tee

    We love this new tee that we put out a couple of weeks ago. It's the ELEVATED 03 Tee, designed to be a bold statement in los angeles streetwear. As we approach a new summer and new releases we'll be focusing our efforts in a variety of directions with ELEVATED. We always want to keep our authentic approach to the boardsports we love and practice, but we also want to really invest in and contribute to our local fashion scene out here in LA. This means more cut and sew pieces, long-line scoop tees, limited edition designs, and altogether more creativity. The Elevated 03 design has been successfully dispersed to most of our athletes, and many of our fans across the world in the last month or so. Photos of people rocking it have been trickling in and we figured why not share with you. So check it out, the Elevated 03 Streetwear Tee live and in action. You can
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  3. Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Here at Elevated we've been lucky to work with some pretty amazing people throughout the last few years, all of which have played a large role in helping us brand, helping us spread the word, helping us get further engrained in the action sports and or streetwear lifestyles we love, and all of which have helped define us as a company in some way shape or form. These are our fans, our friends, new acquaintances, and amazing professionals that we get to link up with. Taylor Nicole is no exception to this rule. Here is a girl who lives the Elevated lifestyle, not only in here activities, passions, and pursuits, but also in the way she speaks, writes, and inspires. We were super impressed when we first got in contact with Taylor, and the same holds true today after seeing the quality and effort she put into making us look great! Check out these great
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  4. Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing

    Snow Culture: Niklas Hoiem Sweden Freeskiing Niklas Höiem, Freeskier for ELEVATED, from Åre, Sweden, just came out with a new freeskiing edit called Oh My! Featuring: Niklas Höiem Björn Eklund Jacob Eklund Its a sick 2 minute video with great cinematography, chill music, and top-knotch riding. Check it out and share it around for these guys.

    Oh my! - Freeride

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  5. elevated girls

    One thing we love about our job of is getting to connect with a lot of rad people all over the world. We work with athletes, events, movers, shakers, etc... We have a huge fan base that's growing every day, and its a constant pursuit for us to reach out to new up and coming influencers to help grow our brand. One aspect of those rad people, are beautiful girls that rock ELEVATED and send us in shots. Here's a gallery of some of the recent images that you all can enjoy. lauren jure, elevated clothing girl, wakeboard babe lauren jure, elevated

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  6. Lifestyle: ELEVATED Clothing and Le Medaillon Champagne

    Lifestyle: ELEVATED Clothing and Le Medaillon Champagne It wasn't long ago this spring when Le Medaillon and Elevated decided to team up and bring some quality champagne into the action sports realm. Banding together with such a cool and high profile company like Le Medaillon has been a lot of fun for us as we've gotten to celebrate major wins and company triumphs, pop champagne, and really just goof off that much more. We're looking forward to further inclusion of Le Medaillon into the action sports scene and hoping that our athletes can continue to enjoy the crisp bubbles on hot summer days after riding their hearts out. Here's a little bit of the fun we've been able to have with this company, even getting a bottle into Rusty Malinoski's hands during Spring Ride '14 in Lathrop, CA for the win. As with all of the companies we work with, Cheers to a long and fruitful relationship. Pun intended.

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  7. Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman

    Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman Elevated Clothing Team Surfer Cole Taschman has some great sets in Florida when the storms roll in. This is one kid who can always keep us super stoked. He's got an abundance of fresh content that comes in our proverbial doors often, and we're pumped to have him as part of Elevated Clothing's surf team. Keep an eye on this kid as he's full of relentless determination and skill to match. More than anything, we think he's just out to have a good time and keep the stoke. Give him a like and a share, and enjoy the following pics. You also might have seen Cole Taschman and his buddy Logan Hayes in the No Anchor film project WEEKENDS. If you haven't seen it, check out the post.

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  8. Wake Culture: Breddas New Wakeboard Edit

    Wake Culture: Breddas New Wakeboard Edit Breddas released a new wakeboard edit and it is DIRTY!! Last winter we went to THAILAND for some filming for two months. Jeremia Hoppe, the youngest brother, had an injured knee so Mattias and Benjamin Hoppe went "solo" on this one. This time we focused more on style instead of the "hectic landing new tricks competition". We wanted to have some rail hits in this video but the obstacle we were working on for 5 month didn't finish IN TIME.. We do love rails! RIDERS: BENJAMIN Hoppe Mattias Hoppe Edit: Filip snabb Filming: Andreas Fernbrant Sponsors: Rixen cableways Obrien wakeboards Ridestore Jaybird headphones Black mountain wakepark GOPRO Jetpilot Blåkläder Gest riders: Dominik Guhrs Lior Sofer

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  9. Wake Culture: Surf City Cable Park Competition

    Wake Culture: Surf City Cable Park Competition ELEVATED Team Wakeskater Erik Nilsson took 1st place in the Cable Park competition over the summer in Norway. Erik is a super talented Swedish Wakeskater who has been getting after it like crazy lately. It's awesome to see him out and about, traveling Scandinavia and many parts of Europe to ride different cable parks and enter numerous competitions. His skill is outstanding and he's got the victories to prove it. surf city This is a really fun and short edit depicting the typical competition day in Norway. Wakeboarders, Wakeskaters, SUP'ing, and of course lots of fun. Check it out and give it a share. Congratulations on the win

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  10. Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew

    Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew The long awaited opening of Velocity Island Cable Wake Park is finally here, and we've got just the video to show you the goods. Trever Maur spent some time filming with the local park crew and put together a super fun and sleek edit; getting some rounds in for himself of course too. The video shows the wide diversity of the park's features, including the signature Kaesen Suyderhoud feature from Unit Parktech. Speaking from Experience, this park is dope. They gave our ELEVATED Crew the VIP treatment when we were there filming our West Coast Edit, and we are stoked that they're finally open to the public. This is for sure park you'll want to shred. Check out the following video featuring Trever Maur, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Anton Ryzenkov, Elevated athletes Tanar Pigrenet and Matt Tonne, Dylan De Kalb, Andrew Hartmann, Jay Miguel, Calli Turner, Jennifer Gillantar, and Kyle Feder.

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