Surfing in Iceland: surfing in iceland Surfers Hodei Collazo, Imanol Yeregi, and Natxo Gonzalez take journey to some of the coldest waters on earth. Starting with shots of the seemingly endless ice and snow, this video could be mistaken for a winter travelogue to Iceland at first glance. We see frigid waters and blue mountains, the northern lights and those that light up their surfboards, grassy green fields and an orange sun. With all of it's natural beauty, it's no wonder why surfers want to go to Iceland; however, it has only been made possible by the new technological advances in wetsuits. Chilly waters that prevent surfing may be a thing of the past, which means previously untapped places--such as Iceland--are on the horizon. Watch the video for both the surfing and the scenery. For more information about advances in wetsuit technology and what that means, link here.