Red Bull Snow Presents - REALLY GOTTA WANNA A look behind the scenes of snowboarding. This little teaser ought to get your brain all nostalgic and soupy. We all pursue boardsports and actionsports because of the simple, unadulterated joy that a day in the pow or a glassy day on the lake brings us. It's the pursuit of the rush, the satisfaction of landing your favorite trick, over and over and over again, or the simple pleasure of carving and flying. Of course there's an avenue to make money in it for some athletes, and that's a draw, but it pales in comparison to WHY we shred. We shred because we love. We shred for creative release. We shred to grow. Check out what pro Seth Hill has to say about the dedication he and his team put into what they love. ‘It’s a movie about the things that go into snowboarding that the main majority doesn’t see. A story kind of about the efforts and hard work and ambition and drive that it takes to do the things we do that people really don’t see. It’s all very individual. It’s not like we are doing this for making tons of money or living some sort of crazy life. We are all just doing this for the fun and to have a good time.‘ – Seth Hill Trailer 1: Trailer 2: presents ReallyGottaWanna (Official) a Snowboarding video by MPORA