Morning Music Video: Everyone loves a little musical inspiration to start off the day and get their ear drums pumping. Put that beat in your step today and stand tall. We'll keep it fresh for you, pulling from a variety of musical styles across the globe. For the most part we'll keep it relatively underground so you can get exposed to new artists. Let us know what you think of the music in the comments below. Got a suggestion? Respond with a link. mayday parade kids in love morning music video Music Video Artist: Mayday Parade Song: Kids In Love Mayday Parade Kids in Love kicks back to the mid 2000's when Mayday Parade was on top of their game and releasing hits left and right. These guys have always been a cult favorite of the late pop punk movement. An inspirational band with catchy anthems that made you want to get out and live. Definitely a good share. What's your favorite song by Mayday Parade? Music Video Artist: Mayday Parade Song: Oh Well Oh Well Music Video Artist: Mayday Parade Song: Jaimie All Over