Why aluminum cases have become so popular Just like many other things vary in price, ??iPhone 6 ??? vary in price. There are low cost metal cases and there are designer ones that go for 70 dollars or more. Due to the professionalism and luxury that is associated with metal cases, anyone can afford one depending on the amount that one is willing to spend. One reason that metal cases have become very popular is their durability. Metal cases are better at protecting a person's phone when they drop or when a sharp object would have scratched the phone but instead scratches the case. It does not matter the environment, a metal case is suitable for any occasion. Aluminum is one of the metals that are used for phone cases. They are coated with crystalline oxide to make them tougher. protecting the phone better. This metal also goes through a process that is known as plasma electrolytic oxidation or microarc oxidation to make them more resistant to damage. Aluminum cases are known to be very durable and light in weight, becoming an option for many. When phones are exposed to the sun on a hot day, some cases allow them to get overheated. Iphone cases should be heat absorbing, we can use backcountry coupons to save money on our order. This not the case with an aluminum case that is not only insensitive to weather but it is also corrosive-resistant, but it is also UV-resistant with very good current conductivity. Everyone wants an iPhone case that they can clean with ease and this is exactly what an aluminum case will offer. This kind of metal is not affected by cleaning agents and can be cleaned anytime there is a need. When the case is exposed to low temperatures, it does not snap but instead its hardness increases and the toughness does not go away. Last but not least, one more advantage of having an aluminum iPhone case is the fact that it can be customized in the designs that a user requires.