1. Action Sports - FISE World Series

    If you haven't heard of FISE yet, get with it, this event is HUGE!!! Watch the video, it says it all. Who's going?! fise bmx fise action sports fise bmx It’s official launch of FISE WORLD SERIES is in the starting blocks, 4 dates are planned for 2014

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  2. Huvr Board vs. Invisible Skateboard

    We've all longed for the day the Hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 would be a reality. Today, that dream has come true... sort of. And by sort of I mean it has become a reality in a super clever commercial. HUVrTech have released this video claiming they’ve made a hoverboard that has more technology in it than a satellite. What we hear though is that this is a marketing campaign for a Nike sneakers that will have power laces like Marty McFly’s in ‘Back To The Future 2?. Bummer... That's only kind of cool. But what about invisible skateboards? Will these no longer have a chance at becoming the next big thing now that the Huvr board is around? Check out both videos and let us know which one you'd rather ride. Huvr Boards: INVISIBLE SKATEBOARDS:

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  3. Elevated Clothing Storms Wakeboard Snowboard Lifestyle Tee

    It's always nice to see what shirts look like on actual people. Check out the following gallery to see what the ELEVATED Storms Tee looks like on our customers, fans, models, athletes, etc... Buy it this week ON SALE. Elevated Clothing Girls Dolman Storms Wakeboard Tee Elevated Clothing Girls Deep V Wakeboarding Tee [caption id="attachment_5129" align="alignnone" width="612"]

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  4. Alphabet Insanity - Mac Lethal raps his way through the alphabet with incredible speed

    In this amazing tongue twister of a rap, Kansas based artist Mac Lethal rhymes his way through the alphabet, getting faster and faster as he goes. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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  5. Welcome to ELEVATED Spring 2014

    We're proud to unveil our new website for a new year. Browse our products and get behind the Shred Culture Series.

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