Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. Lifestyle and Steez: Random Elevated Clothing Fans and Pics

    At Elevated, we want to honor our fans and customers, our loyal friends who wear elevated clothing in their day to day lives. Feast your eyes on all of these random steez and lifestyle pictures of athletes and people wearing elevated. From wakeboarding, to wingsuit racing in Europe, to hanging out on a beach, Elevated Clothing is representing boardsports/lifestyle culture all over the world. Thanks for all of your support over the years fans. elevated lifestyle/steez wakeboarding clothing, surf brand, snowboarding and freeskiing clothing [caption id="attachment_6128" align="alignnone" width="1200"]mahila mendez elevated clothing model babe Elevated Clothing advertisement[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6160" align="alignnone" width="2048"]

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  2. Wake Culture: Kaesen Suyderhoud - Velocity Island Wake Park

    In the last month, ELEVATED has been lucky enough to get to bring our team together twice and shred California's new cable wake park Velocity Island Park. They aren't quite open to the public yet, so it makes it extra special for us to get the VIP treatment at VIP (Velocity Island Park). I'm proud to tell you first hand from experience that this cable park is so dope! Velocity will surely be a destination park for wakeboarders all over the world to come ride and experience something unique and fresh. Every detail at this park has been thought through, from the layout, to landscaping, to the most important aspect, the features. kaesen suyderhoud new feature unit park tech velocity island wake park

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  3. Morning Music Video: Eve 6 - Victoria

    Morning Music Video: Everyone loves a little musical inspiration to start off the day and get their ear drums pumping. Put that beat in your step today and stand tall. We'll keep it fresh for you, pulling from a variety of musical styles across the globe. For the most part we'll keep it relatively underground so you can get exposed to new artists. Let us know what you think of the music in the comments below. Got a suggestion? Respond with a link. eve6 victoria Growing up, Eve 6 was always the genesis of my current taste in music. They brought such unique play in lyrics and style, and not to mention front man Max Collins became something of a redheaded hero to me. But the unique use of homonyms and catchy choruses brought me into a new world

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