Kangaroo chases golfers

kangaroo chases golfer

Kangaroo chases golfers: Hold on to your seats for this one, the hilarity is at an all time high. What happens when a kangaroo gets sick of it raining golf balls during his nap ? I’ll promise you one thing he doesn’t just brush it off and go nap somewhere else, thats for sure. check […]

View from a blue moon

John John Florence view from a blue moon

  23 year old super surfer John John Florence‘s movie View from a blue moon is releasing on December 1,2015 and man are we stoked. The biopic features incomparable videography by Blake Vincent Kueny and if the trailer is anything to go by it sports some shots Nat Geo would be jealous of. Shot entirely […]

lawyer mosis

lawyer mosis

Lawyer Mosis Delusional Ex boyfriend thinks he has rights to ex girlfriends child that isn’t his and seeks out lawyer assistance! This little number was sent over to us from King Mosis Comedy. Check it out and leave your thoughts.

woofpack driver

woofdriver sacco patch

This is another unique WooFDriver outing. This is one of the many farms the WooFPAK runs to keep in shape and have fun. # youtube dogs # train dogs This time, a couple Belgian horses wanted to play. On this track, The WooFDriver uses a recumbent bicycle-like dogcart with special tires to negotiate the sand […]