Wake Culture: Kaesen Suyderhoud – Velocity Island Wake Park

kasen suyderhoud new feature unit parktech

In the last month, ELEVATED has been lucky enough to get to bring our team together twice and shred California’s new cable wake park Velocity Island Park.
They aren’t quite open to the public yet, so it makes it extra special for us to get the VIP treatment at VIP (Velocity Island Park). I’m proud to tell you first hand from experience that this cable park is so dope! Velocity will surely be a destination park for wakeboarders all over the world to come ride and experience something unique and fresh. Every detail at this park has been thought through, from the layout, to landscaping, to the most important aspect, the features.

kaesen suyderhoud new feature unit park tech velocity island wake park

There are a lot of sick obstacles at this park to ride, but the creme de la creme is definitely the Unit Parktech Suyderhoud feature. If you want to try 30 different lines on one obstacle, this is your pick. It never gets old, and despite being quite technical, it’s also plenty of fun for a grom to hit and ride straight through, honing his/her skills on the pipe or a flat step.

Watch CWB pro wakeboarder Kaesen Suyderhoud unveil his new feature, available at Velocity Island Wake Park in Woodland, CA.

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